3 Days on White Pass
What great pics and great goats and trip.
Hey Mike. Great write up and pictures. Its cool to see you out there packing goats in areas that are somewhat familiar to me. Where are you located in Washington? I'm in Selah. I have 4 boys and 4 girls from Dwite Sharp that are all about a year and a half old. Maybe we will run into each other sometime whether unintentionally or something planned.

Like that area, most recently was up there last year to a few different lakes. Think I recognize Cramer, Dumbbell in your pics. My first thought reading your trip report was that your friend's goats weren't conditioned, sounds like the case with your later comments - poor guys. My ober and alpine/ober yearling did a 3 day trip at end of July 19 miles ~ 5000' gain salmon la sac area - so no problems with Obers and endurance here. My favorite breed actually, so agile, obedient, no problems with water.

I also like to keep my guys safe during hunting seasons, I like those wide orange covers that slip over their regular collars, I bought a few from Butthead Pack Goats the "Visibility Neck Band."  Also use some orange flagging on their halters and saddles. When it gets colder (soon!) I bring their nylon goat coats from nwpackgoats and that also provides colorful visibility when they're not saddled up.

Thanks for the trip report and pics, enjoyable read as always from you.

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