6 day pack trip - Andrews Creek area Pasayten WA
I hope you had time to put some of your pictures in the calendar contest!

Those are some interesting trees. Trees with needles that turn yellow? I saw something like that in Mongolia.

I've never done more than 2 nights. I feel like I need to improve my camping skills when I read stuff like this. You did this solo-- I like solo hikes and bike rides because you really get time for that inner monologue for once. I only have room for 2 goats with my current vehicle situation, unfortunately, but 3 goats is a great crew size. Plus, here in the desert, I have to carry water, so a 6 day would be a tough one unless in the spring or a wet season-- Water is heavy. Its one serious advantage to mountain hiking. I have a freeze-drier so I could make my own light weight food, but if I have to carry in water, whats the point, heh.

Those goats look great. What a loyal team, for sure. So I take it you never met any other hikers on the trail? Sounds like you were pretty remote, though 6,000ft is where my house is. Seems so much higher in your pictures.

Hiking this time of year you have to deal with cold rain. Did you encounter any? And whats your camping setup like... For forests I like a camping hammock. Very compact and quick to set up. Good for rain, but not great if its going to be super cold since its rather exposed though.
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