Questions: Water Filter Systems????
Looking at various water filter systems...too many choices. We.already bought one of.those little ultraviolet stir sticks but ju a t doesn't sound like enough. 

Am looking at.Katadyn Be Free 3.0L gravity feed...seems the most practical but no mention of its taking out chemicals or.heavy metals. 

Also looking at Survivor Filter Pro, a pump system that is supposed to do it all but cannot do as much water at one time as the other. 

Feedback please, pump or gravity feed?? Any familiarity of these brands/models? Your experience with them? Thanks.
Hey guys,
I just picked up a Platopus 4L Gravity Works gravity filter.  I have had it on 3 trip and it work very well, it is also very fast, light and the filter can be cleaned in the field.  $150.00. Take the time to check it out.  As you said there are a ton of option and the in store people are use less.  To be honest, I use amazon reviews to pick gear sometimes.  Sounds dump but it has worked everytime.
I second the Platopus Gravity Works. It is easy and fast and when I am tired at camp it becomes worth every penny. The Katadyn and MSR are my smaller water filters with the Life Straw as a mini back up.
As a back up I bought a second filter for the gravity works system.  It is basically a life straw.  I also had one of the MSR hand pump water filters.  You will earn every oz of water you pump thats for sure.  Plus they take a very long time to pump any real amount of water.  As IdahoNancy stated the gravity works is a set and forget system for the most part.  Good luck

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