Neck mass?
Looking for some guidance... Now that Cary (11yo Alpine wether) has finished shedding out, I see he has a huge mass on the underside of his neck, just above where it ties into his chest. It is not high up under his chin (goiter) and is below where his collar lies. It doesn't feel hot or tender; it's definitely firm (muscular, even). It's wider than his neck so that when viewed from above you can see it extends outward evenly on both sides.  It's about the size of a large honeydew melon.  What on earth am I seeing??  Sorry no photo - will try and snap one tomorrow.
How odd! That doesn't sound like a CL abscess. How quickly did this come up? If it was overnight, I would think some kind of trauma. If it grew more slowly I would be concerned about cancer, particularly considering his age (although that seems an odd spot to get a tumor). It would probably be wise to have a vet look at him so you can get a proper diagnosis.
yes, I second the vet suggestion.
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Looks like we're going to the vet. Similar growths have been lipomas on myself and my dog, however this would be rather large for a lipoma. On the optimistic side, it's definitely round, medial and subcutaneous. There are no organs in that location of which I'm aware. I can't say it came up suddenly but it surprised the heck out of me to find it yesterday so believe it was fast. I was stung yesterday in front of where he's standing in the photo so possibly a bee sting? though it's not hot or tender and given it's size that seems unlikely.

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Could be a hematoma. Oops. Spell check suggest its a tomato.

Could be a sting. I doubt its life-threatening cancer or something.
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Yes, that's very strange. I'm glad you're taking him to the vet. Let us know what you find out. From the location, it's possible he had some kind of neck trauma (stuck in a fence?) and gravity pulled the fluid down to the bottom of his neck.
Well I just went out and discovered my doe Victoria has a bubble head. She's aggressive and likes to fight goats even if they have horns. Looks like she bashed heads and has some under-the-skin bleeding. I noticed she seems like she has a winter coat on her head even though its summer. I patted her head and I could move the skin around on a little pad of fluid. Its no surprise... In the spring her winter coat is almost rubbed off her head and she has scabs. The hair wont grow back till the summer coat comes in. This could take weeks to go down.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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