Is.Ace Safe For.Goats?
We have an otherwise gentle brèding buck that we just.cannot trim his feet. He charges, tries to gore, very scary. Our horse.farrier.gave us a 1.5 cc shot of Ace to give him. But after hearing that anesthesia are so dangerous for goats I thought I better ask first. He is a really big boy and otherwise very gentle. I don't think Hubby and I together could knock him down and hold him. 

Would the Ace be OK?  And if so, how much since the 1m
.5 was for a horse? Thanks.
Happiness is a working goat
I wouldn't use it without consulting a vet. I've trimmed a few wild goats, and the best method I've found is to use a halter and tie them up short (as in no slack in the rope). Tie his head to a stout post in a solid fence that he can't go through or over, and then use your body to squeeze him against the fence while you trim. If his head is tied up tight then he can't butt or charge or gore anyone. Be firm with him and watch he doesn't kick you or jump up and land on you. It can help to have one person stand near his head (carefully) and feed treats and pat him when he stands still and holds his foot up nicely for the person trimming. Reward even the smallest obedience at first. Make it a goal to get only one foot done the first day. If it goes really well you can do the rest, but if you keep your goals small you'll be more likely to accomplish them.

If your goat has never worn a halter you may have a pretty good rodeo just to get it on him the first time. Once you get the halter on, give him a treat to let him know it's a good thing. You may not want to take that halter off until you've gotten all the feet trimmed, even if it means leaving it on for a week. I don't usually recommend leaving halters on goats, but sometimes it's necessary if you have a wild individual that needs to be handled before he can be properly trained. Good luck!
I have a goat who started out very wild.  I just spent a lot of time with him.  When I first started working with him I could barely touch him.  The way we got through it was I would brush him down everytime I fed him.  Eventually he started to chill out.  He really did not like his flanks or legs messed with.  So to trim his hooves I made a really big stantion with a wall I could move from side to side.  That way he would not fall off the opposite side of stantion that I was trimming.  With you and your husbsnds skills at building stuff you should be able to whip one up pritty quick!  The stantion keeps everyone safe and secure.  Also as you have your goats longer they will get to know the routine.  Weather it be hoof trimming, loading into a truck bed, or putting on there sadddles.  I think I would start with training, trust, and repitition before any injectables.  Either way good luck!!!

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We tried the milk.stand. we have two. The 2 of us together could not pull or push him into position to get him on it let alone get his neck and horns in it. But I will try training for a while. Otherwise we will have to sell him and I hate to do that.
Hows it going with the non cooprative goat?
So busy haven't worked any more with his feet. Over 100 here day after day. Mostly trying to disperse most of herd due to burned up pasture and no hay to be had.

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