3 days above Hyas Lake
Did you guys stay at an organized campground? I've been really hesitant to take my little ones to a true campground with a host and everything. When Max was 2 weeks old we stayed at denny creek campground and it went fine, mostly because he looked like a small dog from a distance. I called all the ranger stations to see if it would be okay if I stayed at a campground with my goats (45# and 55# NDs) and they all pretty much said "no". I even called the horse campground people and they said I could bring goats but I would have to use a horse site and the goats would have to stay in a corral (not happening) and I would need a big group as it is a group site. I think people automatically reject goats without even realizing that they're less trouble and noise than dogs. Mine are smaller than dogs, too, but apparently it didn't matter. I'll have to check out Little Hyas Lake.
There are two or three large'ish camping areas on the east side of Hyas lake, just about at the lakes mid point.  The there is another camp sight that is on the green trails maps that is north of Little Hyas lake.  Non are organized camp grounds.  They are both first come first serve area.  The one to the Morth of little Hyas is located at the convergence of three dry creek beds.  The walk to get to water is about 12 minute one way.

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Most Forest Service campgrounds which charge a fee are posted "no stock".  Goats fit in the FS definition of "stock".  So most don't allow goats.  But there are some that don't prohibit stock, and some nice horse campgrounds which allow stock.   If you are every down toward southern Hood Canal, Lebar Horse camp is quite nice (no running water though), and little used.

If I'm planning to camp near a road, I can often find a pretty decent "dispersed"  camp site (FS term for them), which is probably what Mike is talking about.
Wow! And you call yourself a rooky? Sounds like an expert job of packing to me. Hope we can do half as well on our first multi-day hike.
Thanks Big Grin
Well done, sounds like a pretty successful trip. Good pics
I am going to do some more reading about noise to tail leading as I think that is a method I would like to use when I get my goats going as they will mostly need to be 'secured' rather than wandering free on the trails.

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