Is Montana a Pack-Goat Friendly State?
We were so taken with Rendy and Idaho, we are looking at property in that part of U.S.  Been over 100 degrees...106 today...for too long. Want out of TX at least for summer.

We found some affordable places in Montana bordering "forest service" property, whatever that means, near Whitefish, Trego and Glacier Nat'l Park. Are these areas friendly to pack goat campers and horse trail riders? Thanks for any enlightenment on this.
Hey Guys,
Welcome to the community!!!

When it come to questions about legal land use where you could be fined if your doing some thing wrong I usually just call either the regional fish and game dept., regional agriculture department, or regional ranger station.  Between those 3 resources you can get most all your question answered.  If those people do not know they will put you in contact with some on who does.  
Good luck with the move!

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