Northwest Mountain Straps
Hey Guys,
Has anyone upgraded there NW Pack Goat saddles from the regular saddle straps to the mountain saddle straps?  Was there any real noticable difrence in the way the load road or the load shifted?  Thanks for your time!!
I have a saddle with mountain straps. The hip straps keep the britchen from sliding down the butt, which is kinda nice.
Is that the only real advantage you noticed? I have a couple extra bucks and two standard saddles that I was thinking about up grading. Thanks for the comment!
it is a good advantage. I might have been one of the persons who suggested the adaptation way back when.

Next to the Northwest saddles I used the then still available Owyhee saddles which already had hip straps and noticed that the britchen did rub way less/cause less hair breaking because it would not slide down along the hind legs but stay in the correct position.
Sabine from Germany
[Image: zoVgi.gif]

ok, thanks.  So the real advantage of the Mountain strap set up is the hip straps that keep the britchen up closer to the tail so there is less rubbing on the hind legs.  Did anyone notice any difrence in the cinch strap system that comes with the mountain straps vs. the regular straps?  Again thanks for your time?

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