Sad news
This information came today from a lady in Oregon named Stephanie Powell. 

"I talked to Alice Beberness this morning. She is a good friend of Carolyn Eddy. She told me that Carolyn is in the hospital and they don’t expect her live. She took a fall and broke some ribs which led to a lung infection. Her kidneys have shut down and her liver is failing. I am hoping that someone could make a posting to the NAPgA website or goat chat or Facebook page, so her friends at NAPgA will know. She is currently at OHSU hospital in Portland, but hopes to be released tomorrow as she wants to die at home. She was a great believer and advocate for packgoats. It is so very sad and she will be missed."

This is heartbreaking news. Carolyn has contributed so much to NAPgA and the packgoat world in general.  
it is heartbreaking, indeed. I was following her on facebook and she looked forward to so many more things to do.

Not only will the packgoat community loose a great person but I grieve for Carolyn's own plans and hopes, too.
Sabine from Germany
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Wow I feel sad hearing that. Well she's affected a lot of lives, humans and goats included, for the better. Its a good legacy, and having fun building that legacy is what I call a life well lived. I guess I'm a bit surprised that a fall took such an unlucky turn-- Feels like frontier medicine :( The fact someone contacted the community here shows she's thinking about us. I'm sure she knows how we feel.
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I still refer to her books and remember the things I learned from her at her Rendy presentations. She always worked hard at raising money for NAPgA at the Rendy's especially running the auctions. It seems like she was the original packgoat breeder going after size, temperament, and conformation. She would shared her knowledge with many. Bob Jones, who shows up here occasionally, has one of Carolyn's goats named Pig who tipped the scale at 350 lbs.
Just got word that Carolyn passed this evening. She was released from the hospital so she could die at home as she wished. This is a very sad blow to all of us and she will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, Carolyn.
I am sorry to learn of Carolyn's death earlier this year. She was my go-to source for goat health info. When she replied to my occasional queries, she was caring and respectful, tactful and supportive. Truly a Sweet Goat Mama.

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