what are people feeding babies for the first year?
(05-06-2019, 11:10 AM)Nanno Wrote: Is he still getting milk? I try to make sure our boys get milk until they are at least 12 weeks and sometimes 16 weeks if they are smaller or acting immature.

Your goat is getting a lot of different things in his feed so it might help to take him off everything but the hay for now and when his berries become normal, add in your other feeds one at a time and see how he takes them. It won't hurt him to go off concentrates for a few days to encourage his digestive system to normalize. Then you can add things back in one at a time and see which is the one that's giving him trouble. If cutting back the grain has already improved his digestion, that's probably the culprit. I suspect the Purina is the problem, but it could be the Calf Manna, so mess with your ratios and amounts a little bit and see if you can find the right balance for your goat. I almost never feed my babies grain because my kids are dam-raised they get enough calories from free-choice milk. But if your guy is a bottle kid he may need those extra calories from the grain. Does he have access to any fresh browse and/or pasture?

Following this advice (thank you!) I found that a half cup of the Purina Noble Goat in morning and evening is tolerable for his gut, and I am just doing a small sprinkle of the Calf Manna in the evening as a "treat."

He is indeed still on the bottle 2x day (not replacer but pasteurized goat milk),  will be taking him down to one bottle at the end of this month. He weighed 56 lbs last Sunday, 24.5" at the withers so he has been gaining every week. 

Of course after 3 weeks of pretty good gut behaviour this weekend his stool has gone soft again, this time I know it can't be food related as I have been following the same protocol. Unless he ate something he shouldn't have.  He doesn't have much in the way of daily fresh browse, altho I have been bringing cuttings to the pen as well as, he has been out on 3 hikes so far already in the last 3 weeks where they get lots of eating time.  I went ahead and started him on Albon again in case of Coccidia as I didn't want to wait for a fecal, hope that wasn't stupid...

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