what are people feeding babies for the first year?
Not very scientific on my part. I should have mentioned it is a supplement in addition to orchard grass hay.
My 10 year old Oberhali seemed to be loosing weight this winter. Vet says his teeth are fine. At his peak he was 225 lbs and 38in tall. He is on 2 cups a day with 2/3 cup black oil sunflower seeds, some beet pulp and good hay morning and evening. It has not seemed to do much for weigh gain but he stopped loosing. He seems to get loose poop easily so I have to move slow with him. Today he was out kicking it up and being goofy even with his arthritic knees.
My 3 year old and 7 year old get 1 cup a day with the 2/3 cup BOSS with hay in the morning. They don't need it, they like it and it distracts them while the old goat eats. It is great having them use to it when travelling and I like a low trickle of AC and fat in their diet.

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