New Sopris Lumbar Saddle
I have a new red Sopris Lumbar goat saddle available for purchase. I currently don't have any goats large enough to fit the saddle. I've placed it on my miniature horse Cinnamon twice, she's 32" at the withers. 

The lumbar saddle is complete with the mountain straps, breeching and chest strap, also comes with red standard Sopris panniers. 

$425 for a $500 value. 

I don't currently have pictures of the panniers as I've never taken them out of the box, but I can certainly provide those if wanted. Will do paypal. Located in western WA but will ship. 

[img][Image: 27793158649_5ec5927595_z.jpg]IMG_20180107_192350[/img]
[img][Image: 40227201755_49085169a0_z.jpg]IMG_20180122_182549[/img]
[img][Image: 41078197102_dc7a5ce24f_z.jpg]IMG_20180330_115455[/img]
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart
Nice! Red is my color, but unfortunately we already have more saddles than we can use. You wouldn't be interested in a partial trade on an almost-new navy blue Sopris Rookie would you? Sputnik is long enough he could carry a Lumbar. The Rookie pack is a little smaller and might be a better fit if you don't think your goats will get big/long enough to carry a Lumbar.
I might be interested in your blue Rookie saddle if you want to sell it, does the saddle have no pad attached and do you have the rookie panniers, ? (Apologies for hijacking the lumbar saddle thread!)
The saddle is a late 2017 model with the pads attached. It would be easy to take them off with a seam ripper or x-acto knife if you didn't want them there. The set comes with the Intermediate panniers and a rain fly. The saddle has only been used 3-4 times--once last fall for a day hike with a load, and the other times were short training walks where I cinched the saddle on a 2-year-old goat without the panniers. So the panniers have only been used once. It retails new for  $309. I would take $250 for it. 

I'd actually love to keep it, but I really prefer to use bright colors when I pack. My goat Sputnik, as flashy as he looks, blends in almost completely in foliage or rocky scree. I need to be able to see him if he gets separated or lags behind, so red is our go-to color.
Thanks for the info. Alas, those intermediate panniers are too large for my needs - I actually already have an extra set of 'em in green. Wish I could get the Sopris in off-white canvas for better heat reflection, those dark colors really absorb the heat I think and my Ober tends to overheat (I'm considering a "summer shave" for him....)  I hear you about the red for seeing in the woods tho.
I apologize if we're hijacking this thread, but maybe we'll at least keep it bumped to the top. Wink
I wonder if you could call and special order something in yellow? It never hurts to ask. I usually shave our boys in late spring/early summer. Finn gets hot because of his black hindquarters. Cuzco also had the same issue and shaving helped a lot.
Cool idea, I will ask on the color thanks! And good to know shaving helps!!

re: lumbar saddle - I have the impression this is the same one for a llama, perhaps cross-posting it on a llama forum might be a good idea?
@Nanno - Hmmm let me think on the partial trade. Sadly the primary reason I'm placing for sale is because I'm dispersing most of my herd. I'm trying to keep Huck, Kingsley, and 2 of the buckling's born this year but even that may not be in the future.

@Kat - Let us know if they do any yellow or other bright colors!
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart
Yeah, I understand and I wondered if that might be the case. I'm sorry you're having to make these decisions.
Quote:"@Kat - Let us know if they do any yellow or other bright colors!"

YES - he will do a Sopris in a custom color/material!  Smile I'm working on getting some lighter weight white material samples.

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