Cashmere/Alpine Already Packing Pack Goat For Sale in GA
I have a 5 yr old (born 2013) castrated goat for sale. He has been used for the last five years as a packing and hiking goat as I have a leg injury and cannot carry everything I need on overnight trips. I am located in Dahlonega, Georgia. 

I am selling him because I want to work with my younger stock. He is CAE/CL/Johnes negative as well as rabies and CDT vaccinated. He walks on leash, walks on halter, follows off leash, stays around camp in the evenings, crosses rivers, loads in the truck, and stands tied. He stands about 32 in at the withers and is around 115lb. He produces some cashmere in the winter if desired for fiber. He is not kid safe as he is horned! He performs best for winter hiking or hiking up north as he is a cashmere cross and his genetics are out of New York. 

$200 CASH ONLY. Price is firm. Please contact via email as my cell service is unreliable. Email:

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(03-16-2018, 04:50 PM)Workhorse Wrote: I am interested in your goat. Any age related issues, any stiffness etc?  What pecking order is he with other goats?  Is he comfortable packing alone without other goats?  Has he ever shown any signs of aggression towards people or other animals?
I want him 931 581 6545!

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