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Twice or even three times a day isn't too often if the "pupil" is engaged. In this case, I think our biggest trouble is the rag. It gets soggy after one lesson and he doesn't really want to carry it around after that. I can't blame him for feeling that way! I'm hoping this week to get into Pueblo and buy a few things from the dog toy aisle that look more inviting for a goat to pick up and carry--things that won't turn limp and soggy after a few fetches.

The other thing I worry about with using a rag is that he could swallow it. It gets cookie crumbs stuck to it so when it's dry it tastes inviting and he wants to chew it. He can easily suck the whole thing into his mouth so there's not much left for me to grab and pull out. If he ever decided not to let go I'd be in trouble--I'd never get it away from him! It would be better to use toys he can pick up but can't swallow such as a ball with a handle, or a length of cotton rope with large knots at either end.

On the plus side, he IS learning the "drop" command, so I didn't have much trouble getting the rag away from him yesterday. I struggled with that a few times during our lesson the previous week.

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