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Sputnik doesn't get frustrated easily with training except in two scenarios. One: I'm taking things in steps too small for his quick brain and he gets frustrated with me ("Get to the point, lady!"). Two: He can't figure out what I'm asking after several tries, in which case he tends to get frustrated with himself. Neither of these happens very often now that I know his learning style.

Finn is the one more likely to get frustrated, which usually shows in boredom or loss of interest in the exercise. Finn is more likely to walk off, lay down, or lean in for a scratch when he gets frustrated, while Sputnik is more likely to work himself into a tizzy and start running in circles and offering various tricks I didn't ask for.

I'm fairly well convinced that horses aren't quite as intelligent as goats, and that's probably why they have a harder time learning to follow a moving target. Although I can't imagine my horse Jet getting frustrated with that transition either. But then, it's hard to imagine Jet getting frustrated with anything ever. He's a pretty mellow guy and very, very clever.

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