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We actually did do some protected contact for a few minutes but it didn't go well. Sputnik was just too excited and he started rearing up and putting his feet on top of the gate, which is a huge no-no (and he knows it). So I left him alone and worked with Finn instead. Finn was better behaved than Sputnik that day so we did more things.

The only place we can have protected contact is over our patio gates. Yesterday was an exception because only Finn and Sputnik were near the house. Finn was in the patio so I was able to work with Sputnik a little over the gate. But usually I can't work with a goat over those gates because all the other 10 or more goats swarm around and mob for treats. This is a recipe for disaster right now because several of my girls are heavily pregnant and if any of them try to come near for goodies, Sputnik or Finn will ram them hard to get them away, so I have to be very careful about feeding over the patio gate right now.

I think those little cereal bits are a huge hit. Smile

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