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Makes sense. Also, thanks for clarifying "slin-slicing" earlier. "Thin-slicing" makes so much more sense. Big Grin

So Sputnik is already following a tennis ball target that I roll across the patio. Now I want him to go back to the mouth thing so he learns to pick it up and fetch it to me!

Phil and I take two walks every day, and we had our first right after lunch. Finn has learned to run away whenever Phil approaches him with a halter ("Oh no! I have to leave the herd!") So I suggested that Phil work on haltering Finn for every walk so he doesn't learn to associate the halter with having to leave home. After Phil got Finn haltered, Finn refused to speak to Phil for the first half of our walk and wouldn't come when called or take treats from him. But by the end Phil won him over and they were buddies again.

Meanwhile, I worked on touching Sputnik's collar from time to time while we walked. He was much improved after this morning's lesson and I was even able to stop him and direct him by the collar with only a couple of relapses into pulling away. I also haltered Sputnik for this walk because, like Phil, I need to make sure I don't get into the habit of only haltering when we have to leave home and do work. We might do any number of fun things in a halter too!

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