Goat Diaries Blog by Alexandra Kurland
This looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing! I started it this morning and got through "Day 2". You're right that it is a little confusing. I think the author should have stuck with the first storyline and added the other later, but it's fascinating to read.

I was at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo this past weekend and attended a talk by Shawna Karrasch who is the lady in this video here:

She needed a horse to demo on so I volunteered mine. Jet was the perfect candidate. When it comes to food and attention he's pushy, mouthy, in-your-face, and super-friendly. Jet LOVES people--especially people who want to feed him, scratch him, and pay any kind of attention to him. He's also a show-off and a ham, so Shawna had a lot of fun using him for her clicker training demonstration. By the end Jet was doing pretty good at staying out of her treat box. She demonstrated how to teach Jet to stand still for getting shots (one of the few things Jet dislikes). It was a lot of fun and we learned some good things.

I look forward to reading this blog specific for goat training. Thanks for sharing!

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