Sopris Rookie Lite vs. Mark Warnke Kid Trainer
I'm trying to pick out a more serious pack for my nigerian dwarf. While I don't anticipate little Max being able to carry more than 25 lbs (the maximum weight on the Kid Trainer), I wonder if the extra $$ investment in the Rookie might be worth it if I end up with a more serious pack goat in the future. On the other hand, the Kid Trainer is intended for smaller-than-adult/standard but the Rookie is (probably) bigger and therefore too big for Max. Thoughts?
The Sopris Rookie would definitely be too big for a Nigerian Dwarf. It's too long. I'm pretty sure the Warnke Kid Trainer would also be too big. The panniers would probably drag the ground. 

This is the Sopris Rookie pack on a 2-year-old LaMancha. As you can see, it's a little big for him and I should probably remove the rear cinch entirely until he grows into it since it tends to slip back too far and block his pizzle. A Nigie would be swallowed by this saddle.  

This is the Warnke Kid Trainer on a 2-year-old Alpine/Nubian doe. It fits her very well but as you can see it looks like it would be quite large for a Nigie. This doe is about 140 lbs. and 32 inches tall.  

I wonder if you would do better with a pack built for dogs? Dogs are lower to the ground like a Nigie so the panniers aren't built as big. They also come in a wide range of sizes and styles. 

Are you planning to be at the NAPgA Rendezvous in June? If so, it would be a great time to try out a Warnke Kid Trainer and see if it even comes close to a fit before you lay down the money to buy one.
I have fitted Miniature Alpine with the Kid Trainer and it's an excellent fit.  The Nigerian would need to weigh 62.5# and be in great shape to carry a 25# pack (at 40% of the goat's weight).

I have the Sopris Rookie with Rookie & Intermediate panniers, the Northwest Packgoat wood crossbuck with panniers and the Kid Trainer.  For ease of use and fit I'll take the Kid Trainer, hands down.  I haven't tried it on my standard size wethers but I'm sure it would work fine.  The straps are very adjustable.

The big issue I found with saddle and panniers for small goats is the length of the saddle and the length and height of the panniers.  Saddles are too long and panniers are too long plus hang too low to the ground.

Here's a photo of the Kid Trainer on a friends Miniature Alpine.

.jpg   Elise and Honeybun Big Flat.jpg (Size: 72.07 KB / Downloads: 75)
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Wow! The Rookie is bigger than I thought. Looks like I'll definitely go with the Kid Trainer. I might have to modify the panniers a bit. We have a dog pack and it's going to be my back up. If I can't find a suitable pack, I'll replace the straps (he's already outgrowing them) and add foam blocks to shift the weight from his spine to his ribs. I just wanted to see if any "real" packs would be options for Max. Thanks!
You can always go with a dog pack as well. Guessing it would fit pretty good.
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