Single Wheel Cart?
Not new to goats but super duper new to cart & driving. 

Has anyone ever used a Single Wheel Bike Cart with a goat?
I am planning on trying this on trails & uneven terrain (lava rock) and would like to hear thoughts.
I am NOT planning on ever driving goats, just carting.

Best starter/inexpensive harness for pulling a cart?

What do you wish you knew from the very start?

I'm not sure how you would hitch the goat up to that cart. The harness I use is from Hoggers supply, It's not cheap I'll post the link below.
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(01-21-2018, 03:23 PM)goatzrule Wrote: I'm not sure how you would hitch the goat up to that cart. The harness I use is from Hoggers supply, It's not cheap I'll post the link below.

I figured it would need some sort of modification to attach to a harness, if it would work at all. I literally have no idea how carting/harnesses work. I only started getting in to pack goats the last couple of years after 20 years of pack-goat-envy. I had only dairy goat background before that.
A one-wheeled cart would need a set of shafts to keep itself upright, and you would have to be very careful how you loaded it in order to keep it balanced. You would also need to have your shafts battened down tight to your harness. With a two-wheeled cart you let the shafts "float" in the shaft loops to allow some wiggle room for cart maneuvering. Maneuvering a one-wheeled cart would be totally different from maneuvering a two or for-wheeled vehicle so you would want your shafts held tight to the goat with no up-and-down movement of the shafts so as to prevent the cart from being able to tilt sideways. You wouldn't need a whiffletree, traces, or britchen with a cart like that. It's so small and lightweight that you could have it pulled primarily by the saddle with a breastcollar in place to keep your saddle from being able to slide backwards. For such a small, lightweight cart a harness like this one (with a sturdy saddle pad added) would probably do:

As with any other type of cart, you would have to make sure the front-to-back balance is correct so most of the load balances over the wheel and not on your goat's back. This would be something you would have to figure out when designing your shafts. It's an interesting concept. I've never thought about anyone using a one-wheeled cart, but I supposed for rugged trails it would be similar to using a travois, only easier to pull.
Yeah, I'm really curious to try this myself but needed to hear if there was some reason people don't already do this.
I will keep peeps updated on my findings, progress and/or failures.
I thought it would be similar to the travois as well but I certainly have no practical experience with it.
Thanks so much for your input!!! 
This would be really great/fun/novel if I can get it to work, imo.  

Be very careful with Hoegger's. They have taken alot of money from people including a $100 from me and have not sent any products they were paid for. Check the BBB and other resources before sending them money.
Yeah, I heard Hoegger had some major family health problems and hired some outsiders to run the business for them while they dealt with cancer and deaths among the senior members of the family. Apparently the outsiders ran the business into the ground. I read last year that the rest of the family is back in charge and trying to pick up the pieces. We'll see. I placed an order with them for a disbudding box about 10 days ago and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it gets here. I believe Caprine Supply and Quality Llama Products both sell the same driving harness as Hoegger's.
I'v seen the same driving harness on Quality Llama Products.
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