Pack Goats on CL
Hi all, Just saw these pretty boys on Cl if anyone might be interested.Packgoats
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Cotopaxi. Interesting! That's where Clancy Clark lives (not very far from me). I wonder if these are some of his goats, or if he knows who this is.
(01-17-2018, 09:58 AM)Nanno Wrote: Cotopaxi. Interesting! That's where Clancy Clark lives (not very far from me). I wonder if these are some of his goats, or if he knows who this is.

The Craigslist listing has been deleted so I can't see what the original post was, but I think I have Clancy's goats! I'm in Salida and I bought 3 goats in Cotopaxi about a month ago, picked them up 10 days ago. They came from a couple who had gotten them from Clancy and Devon if I remember the names correctly. A 5 year old Alpine and 2 Kiko-Togg crosses (2 year olds). They are sweet as pie and I love them already! The Alpine is a trained packer, the other 2 remain to be seen how they will turn out although at least one of them seems to have oodles of potential. I'm sure I will be hanging out here a lot as I learn the ropes and train these guys (and they train me!). 

I don't feel like I have the space for it, but I'm wondering if I need just one more goat so I can take two at a time out on the trail, because 3 is feeling like a lot to manage (and I can't leave just one behind, obviously). Might have to get a little ND for my 5 year old daughter that can act as a barn buddy for my packers so I can split them into pairs... Any thoughts on that? Should I just stick to my 3 that already know each other, and accept that it will take more time and practice to feel confident wrangling them all at once?

Photo of the 3 boys attached. Left to right: Newt, Bert, and Timber.

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Rarely is the number of goats a problem. Issues only arise when loading and a few cases where you need to prevent them from taking the wrong path (cutting a switchback etc). Young ones may follow the wrong people and thats a pain if you meet other hikers who have granola bars or whatever. Otherwise, I've been out with 14 and it was no different than 2.
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Greetings! You wouldn't be Adrienne Blenkinsopp would you? If not, do you know her and Matt Bolaski? They are in Salida! There are a lot of packgoat folks in Colorado these days and it's great!
I have entertained 3 goats single handed for 10 years. Two walk with double dog lead and the alpha is usually on a single lead. When necessary they can walk tethered together as a pack string. You tie the back goats halter to the front goats collar. Never change the goats position in the string. They have a natural order they walk in as long as I follow that they are good. It takes a little practice around the barn yard with a long stick but it is worth it if you meet horses or need to contain the goats on the trail. Hopefully if they have been together awhile they will walk well with each other.
Good looking boys and nice pallet play yard.

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