Any one know where 2018 Rendy is?
Hey guys,
Any one know where the 2018 Rendezvous is this year.  Some one said it was in ID but I could not find out exactly where.  Thanks for the info!!!
Island Park, Idaho!
Sweet, Thanks!!!

Who all of you guys are going?  I would love to meet some of you guys!
unfortunately not me way to far
Happiness is a working goat
We are going to try and come from Seattle.
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart
See you there!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
I'll be trusting you guys to post LOTS AND LOTS of pictures!
Happiness is a working goat
Oh, my goodness I had been hoping it would be close enough to Seattle for me to go! How do I become a member? This is in the summer, right? I'm so excited!
It is in summer. The dates are June 21-24. If you'd like to become a NAPgA member, you can join right here:

NAPgA (North American Packgoat Association) does a lot of work to keep public lands open to goats. There have been bans placed on packgoats in some areas due to the concern that goats may spread diseases to Bighorn sheep, but science is showing that this simply isn't true. NAPgA was involved in a country-wide research project a couple of years ago to find out the disease prevalence in packgoat herds (specifically the prevalence of Mycoplasma ovipneumonia, or Movi). Turns out our packgoats are an amazingly clean bunch! NAPgA also filed a FOIA request a few years ago to get the real scoop on some of the "science" that claimed goats were a danger to Bighorns in a certain controlled study. It turned out the experiment didn't show the hoped-for result, so the report was falsified to reflect the "science" that was wanted--in other words the officials wanted proof that goats are a threat to Bighorns but when the experiment didn't show that, the researcher cooked the books to get the results he was paid to find. This is the sort of thing NAPgA works to combat. We want real science and we also want to protect public lands and wildlife. Research that deliberately wastes resources to go after red herrings is not helping Bighorns. So I encourage you to join NAPgA. It's a good organization and we hope that as more people join, the government might have to take us more seriously. I would like to see goats become more widely-accepted as both companion animals and packstock so that they are allowed on all trails that allow any kind of animals, whether dogs, horses, or llamas.
Can my family come with me to the rendy or is it members only?

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