hurt legs
Last Friday my Mini Nubian doe hurt her leg I was brushing my buck and when I turned around she was holding up her leg and pawing at the air She wouldn't put weight on it until 3 days ago she is still limping slitghtly. Sence she is not in milk I gave her a asprin. Her ankle is swollen as well Huh

Today when I went out I noticed that one of my other does has hurt her leg Same symtoms as the doe above. She got an Asprin as well.
 No one else is limping. I only have one Doe with horns and she is very timed so I don't think she hurt them.Any ideas on what is going on?
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You'll probably have to watch your goats from afar to see if your timid one is becoming aggressive or if the others are picking on her and she is defending herself. That'll tell you if it's a problem of the disbudded being injured by the horned.

Do a complete walkabout of your pens/pasture to be sure there is nothing they could have stepped on/in that could injure them.

I am not a fan of giving goats aspirin. You have to give them extremely high doses because the rumen doesn't absorb aspirin well. I use Banamine. 1cc/100#. Given IM is fastest acting but SQ is longer lasting.
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Fighting, of course. Especially in snow or mud that can hold on to the legs.

Giant wood spools, tipsy crates and worst of all, metal-bar encased water tanks can cause a break/sprain when a goat sticks a foot where it should'nt go. Even a bad arrangement of rocks.

Slipping in ice?

Jumping over the wrong sort of fence.

And finally, the dreaded Chupacabra.
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Foot/ankle injuries are seldom if ever caused by another goat--even one with horns. I would suspect something more like what Charlie Horse suggested--feeders, fences, wood pallets, and other things laying around the barn can trap feet. I've also had goats injured a few times when horses have stepped on their feet. Do you have any horses?

I agree that Banamine is better than aspirin. You have to give a ton of aspirin to a goat to make it effective. I've used ibuprofen on a couple of occasions with good results. I've also used Bute, which is commonly used for horses. Banamine is better than any of those, but you have to get it from a vet. Sometimes the best thing you can do is hose the painful area with cold water to help get the swelling down.
I did a full walk around the pen and didn't find any thing.that could have injured them. My timid Doe isn't getting mean that Iv'e noticed .I am not the biggest fan of asprin but I didn't have ibprofen or Bute I gave them 2 asprins each it seemed to help a little the Banimine that I fund is 7 years old so they didn't get that. the only vet out here is 3 hours away and charges $75 for a drive by visit on top if that Iv'e heard that he doesn't think much of goats.
Also what is Chupacabra? Oh no horses for miles
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Chupacabra - Wikipedia
The chupacabra or chupacabras is a legendary creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas, with its first purported sightings reported in Puerto Rico. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. Physical descriptions of the creature vary.
Wow I woudn't want to meet that in a dark alley way
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The case of the hurt legs has been solved! My Boer doe is scopping up their front legs in between her horns picking up their front end and tossing them away She is in a seperat pen and will be sold. I now have 2 more does with hurt legs. I found some liquid ibprofen how much for a 100# doe, how should I give it and how often
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Wow, that is naughty! Whenever I've seen goats scoop others between their horns, they've always done it to the hind legs, and usually the hock is where they get caught. I learn something new every day! I'm glad you figured out the mystery. One thing you can do is tape a stick across the horns so nothing can get wedged between them.
Yah I tried that she promtly went over to a tree limb and took off her jewlrey
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