When is the best time to give annual shots?
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Is there a ideal time of year to give goats there annual shots?

I give mine CDT in April. That's all I give.
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I don't think it matters much to the goat so much as to your schedule. Avoid giving vaccinations during a time of year when you plan to do a lot of hiking and packing because sometimes they get lumps at the injection site, and if you give the injection behind the shoulder you can end up with a lump right where the saddle cinch goes. It can take a couple of weeks for an injection abscess to go away and this might interfere with your packing plans. I also don't like to give vaccinations during the coldest part of the year since I don't like to add stress during a time of year that is already stressful on their systems. I give CD+T shots to the pregnant does about a month before kidding. Our kids get their first CD+T a month before weaning so I can give them their booster a week before they go to their new homes. I've switched to vaccinating our pack wethers every 3 years because I don't think they need them annually. I'm not sure I will keep doing the does every year either. I've been doing it for passive immunity for the kids, but I'm not sure every year is necessary. I'm still thinking about that one.
I vaccinate my at the end of September or early October. Like what was stated before I have 2 siblings that get an abscess every time they get vaccinated. The vet I work with for my goats care said that vaccinating every other year would be fine. I will say I worked at an animal hospital as a vet tech and some people are anti-vax, rabies is required for cats and dogs so there is an option the county allows to check blood titers for a few hundred dollars, and dogs/cats that hadn't been boostered more than twice had adequate levels even after 7 years. Also 3 veterinarians haven't had to booster their rabies vaccine in 20+ years. The reason vaccines are suggested so frequently is to err on the side of caution since there aren't any studies to back it up.
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