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Hello all, I just joined the forum and am looking for a little help to get me on the right track. Me and my family have lhad a few does, 2 alpine and 1 Nubian that we have been milking and recently I have decided that I’d like to get into packing. I have always been into backpacking myself but haven’t ever used anything other than my own back. I lie, I have put a few scouts as if they were my packgoats. Anyway, this week I’m going to look at an Oberhasli buck. He looks pretty solid and the alpine/Ober cross is something that appeals me for some pack whether. I’m going to need to buy all the stuff and any info on where and what to buy would be appreciated. Also training info and care of packgoats and how it would differ from my dairy does. Basically, give me what you’ve got, I’m really trying to learn here and I’m hoping by 2019 to have some whethers in training on the hills of Idaho.
Welcome! I'm glad you found us. Since you already know how to care for dairy does, wethers will be a cinch! They're generally very low maintenance and don't need grain or other supplements. Give them lots of attention and teach them to respect your space, take them hiking to keep them in shape, and that's usually all the "training" they'll need.

As for gear, a regular wooden crossbuck saddle should fit most Alpine/Ober crosses. After that it's mostly a matter of personal preference and what you want for panniers and accessories. Much of that comes down to individual preferences and requirements. has a list of packgoat equipment vendors with links to their websites. Are you a member of NAPgA yet?
Welcome! There is a ton of information here on all the threads of packgoat central too, sure has helped me learn a lot.

For me some of the most key aspects is a lot of time spent with my boys, and in the time spent its always forming trust and teaching respect. I also condition my goats with a weekly trek either in the woods or around the neighborhood to keep all of us in shape year round.
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart

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