Weld County Goat Extravaganza!
This isn't exactly NAPgA-related except that I went to this event as a representative. I lost my voice to a nasty throat cold the day before we got there, so I wasn't able to do much pitching like I'd planned, but I managed to hand out a lot of pamphlets and NAPgA business cards. Hopefully people will do the rest of the work for themselves.

As far as representing packgoats, I have to say that Cuzco more than made up for my lack of showmanship. That goat is something else! He's a bona fide people magnet and I believe he brought more people to our packgoat display table than I ever could have done on my own.

I made a large "Why Working Goats?" display poster filled with pictures of goats doing a variety of packing and carting activities from hunting, fishing, and hiking to community service, parades, and household chores. The "Packgoats Banned??" pamphlet was front and center and more than half of them disappeared over the course of the weekend. I set out our packs and my cart and harness for people to look at as well. Most of the people who came to ask questions were guys. While their wives and/or daughters were showing goats, these men came over to see what useful workers these hay burners could be.

Because of my laryngitis I was not able to do the packgoat talk so I gave my notecards to Phil and he did the short version. I heard through the grapevine that people really enjoyed it and found it very informative. I was afraid it might have been too devoid of details, but maybe it was for the best that it was more of an introduction to packgoats than a thesis. It's easy to overwhelm people with too many details, so way to go Phil!
Awesome! Way to go Nanno and Phil! Thanks for all your efforts.
How cool is that? Nice job, I'm sure you, Phil & Cuzco were all great! We appreciate you taking the time, energy and efforts!!!


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Thanks, Phil, for pinch-hitting for Nanno!
You guys and your goat PR team are the greatest! Thank you for all you do!
Goatberries Happen!
Very VERY nice! I plan to do something like that here next year.
I just found out this morning that NAPgA made $55 off this event! Phil and I organized a "Goat of Many Colors" contest sponsored by Cuzco and Pac-Man. Proceeds were to be split between NAPgA and the youth at the Extravaganza. All in all the NAPgA ended up with $50 from the contest entry fees plus a $5 individual donation. The winner of the Goat of Many Colors contest was no other than Prince Nuada, the buck we bred Lilly to in December!

My personal favorite was this little doe here:

It was a really fun contest and hopefully brought a bit more attention to NAPgA. My other goal with the contest was to get people to go around and look at all the goats at the show of every type and breed and hopefully develop an appreciation for what's out there in the goat world.
Nice! Smile
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