Knee joint swollen
Poor fella. I love looking at x-rays, so thanks for sharing! I got to see similar photos of Cuzco's toes. His arthritis is between the digits of his left front foot. Cosequin ASU worked wonders for Cuzco's arthritis. He went from limping at a walk and severely limping at a trot (if he would trot at all) to no limp at a walk, barely a limp at a trot, and he started running again. He also went from not jumping in the truck bed for a year to jumping in within three weeks. That lasted about a year before age and weight gain caught up with him.

Cosequin is expensive (about $150 for the big container), but for a goat it lasts almost a year. I give 1/4 of the horse maintenance dose. It comes with a 20cc scoop which I traded out for a 5cc scoop to make it easier to measure. Cuzco seems to like it. It smells like apples. I usually have to put a squirt of water on his grain so it sticks because he won't usually lick the loose powder off the bottom, but if I moisten it he gobbles it right down. Good luck!
Sorry to hear that Nancy. Very neat rays. Thanks for posting em.
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