Help! Goats under attack!
Hi, all;

I'm from Mississippi and I thought I understood mosquitoes, but here in California my goats are being assaulted by mosquitoes every evening. I probably swatted 20 or more tonight and I didn't come close to getting them. Do mosquitoes carry any diseases to goats like they do to us and to dogs? Is there something I can do to help lessen the attacks?

Have you tried mosquito repellant? Anything safe for humans or horses should probably be safe for goats. I don't know if goats are susceptible to things like West Nile, but even if they aren't at risk of disease you certainly don't want them being eaten alive.
lots of products to help repel them.
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S.E. Washington (Benton City)
We live less than a mile from a large shallow lake and have a million of these pesky things. We spray the goats down with a Manna Pro Fly and Mosquito Spray. It's work good and is cheap at Wal-Mart.

Also, we shampoo our goats with Mane and Tail in the summer because some shampoo has stuff that keep the critters off for several weeks. Plus, they love a good rub-down-shampoo....tails a swish'nSmile

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