Need some advice on goat prospects.
Hi Folks.  I'm new to the forum but have been dabbling into goat packing for over a year now.  My family picked up 3 bottle fed Alpines this spring and have loved every second of them.  They all have around 50 mountain miles on them and have been on several multi night camps and have done so well.  About 2 weeks ago, our oldest boy severely broke his upper femur (freak accident) right at the ball.  The vet gave us no hope for him so very reluctantly, we put him down.  My family (and especially my daughter who claimed the goat as her own) was devastated. So now it's almost fall with very few young goats available and we feel like we need to replace this boy fairly soon. I found a couple of possible prospects but I'm unsure if the bad traits from them can be corrected. The first goat is a three-month-old oberhasli. We actually went and checked this guy out and he looked fantastic. Great lines fairly good-sized for his age and the right age. Not super friendly and not bottle-fed but okay. We could approach him and pet him but he didnt act like our goats (who think they are lap dogs).  We just about pulled the trigger on this guy until we saw one of the owners children grab both horns and start pulling. The goat responded by trying to hook the little boy and then later trying to hook one of my girls who just tried to pet his head. We walked away at that point, u sure if this behavior could be corrected. The next goat is a 10 week old Alpine that lives far enough away for me to drive and view firsthand. Great looking little guy from the pictures but has not been handled and has been dam raised so far. Sounds like it is fairly skittish around people. Any chance that this guy could be bottle-fed from this point for about a month and expected to be bonded with our human family? I'm just really struggling at this point. I'd love to get my daughter a goat to fill her void but our prospects aren't great. Do we just wait til spring when we have better options and can bottle feed from the start? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks goat friends.

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