how to trim goat hooves video
Hope this is helpful.
Thanks for this Marc!
Its intimidating the first few times. Goat hooves are nothing like horse hooves. That marshmallow center and crispy coating. One thing I do thats not in the vid is kinda nip the toe back a touch more than the rest. Just the point at the end gets rounded up a bit. Some people trim the marshmallow but I'm too lazy. No I admit it. I'm too scared of going a millimeter too far and laming the goat for a few days. I never really carve out the bottom of a horse hoof either. It looks easy but when I try it even with a new knife, my morgan's feet are way too hard and I just don't have the technique. With the goats and horses both, sometimes I just use the rasp and do a lot of shaping with that alone.

My goats all have long hooves this winter. 5 horses, 6 goats, and 2 parrots. If I did one foot per day I still couldn't keep up with the trimming.
Good tip about rounding out the toe, Charlie Horse! That was something Cuzco taught me. His feet stayed almost completely self-trimmed his whole life because he walked very correctly until his old age. Even now he has some of the lowest-maintenance feet in my herd, and his feet are very rounded at the toe for an exceptionally efficient break over. I try to copy Cuzco's feet when trimming my other goats' hooves.
I round out the toe too Smile
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Tried to view the video. Was there a link here? Can't find it now.
I found it by searching oon youtube. It's a really helpful vid
I believe this was the video in the first post:

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