My goat has a poking problem
Koby went through a similar phase around 18mths-2 years. With extra discipline he seems to be coming out of it now. Atticus was the same. I put it down to teenaged angst.
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Liesel is almost 10 months old. From what you guys are saying, it sounds like she might be entering a "teenage phase" that is perhaps similar to Basho.
I started using the tying technique suggested by Nanno with both Liesel and her mother, who is also not super tolerant of being touched on her belly. I saw improvement by the end of the first session! We still have a ways to go, because eventually I want them to let me trim or examine their hooves and possibly milk them without any restraints, as those types of things may have to happen on the trail. So far, the improvement had been really encouraging!
I'm glad you're seeing progress. Work on it a little every day and you'll be surprised how quickly you can handle her all over without tying.

I trim all of my goats' feet without tying them. I make sure we're in a place that's contained so the other goats can't harass them while I do it, and so they can't run off before I finish. But I expect them to stand still and let me hold their hooves without being restrained. Not only is it good practice for the trail, it also alerts you to any behavioral red flags before they escalate. If a goat will let you trim its hind hooves without being tied, then you know it doesn't have any serious hind end touching issues. I also use the voice command "whoa" when I want them to stand still. This has so many applications at home and on the trail that I think it is probably the single most important command you can teach. Hoof trimming is an excellent time to teach it.

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