Burro/ Donkey packing
Anyone on here use burros? I think they'd be a little more versatile than a large donkey. Any pictures or information. Its another thought that has been going through my head, versus a goat.
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RE: Burros/Donkey's
They are both the same animal.
I have had a couple over the years.
Don't mess with Miniature ones.Go for Standard/Sicilian or Mammoth. But you have to feed them like a horse.
#1 Temperment, IF you get one that is well "Socialized" from birth and trained to lead good. (Friendly)
They can be good workers, but they also are more complex to handle. Unlike Goats.
#2 They will keep on rough graze but not as good as a goat will.
#3 Normally what you will find for sale will be foals from pasture "Guard" Donkeys Sale barn stuff. Unhandled no
training. Or pasture pets no training again.
#4 You have to have 2, but some that have been foaled from a Jennet in with a herd of Cows/Sheep/Goats etc. may be happy with your goats as a guard animal as well as a pack animal for the heavy work.
#5 A Standard Burro will carry a 60-75 pound pack. If trained for it and in condition. They are not as nimble as a goat.
#6 You will have to pack some feed in with you for a Donkey unlike goats that will browse their own feed on the trail.
#7 General upkeep is the same as a horse. Trimming,worming,feed ect.
#8 From my experience here in SC I can take my goats into any park or NFS area a donkey would not be allowed.
#9 Donkeys be stubborn on the trail and big enough you can not man handle them.
#10 Go with Goats
Enjoy this little item of how the Donkey got his markings.

Happy Trails
Stick with Goats
hihobaron OR the Goat Mafi might get mad at you. Big Grin

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I've been wanting a pack donkey because there are areas in the Sierra where goats are discouraged... plus I love donkeys.
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