2017 NAPgA Rendezvous in Lake City, CO - June 15-18
And a few more random photos...

Carl and Irene pose with Herb's little "Dude". Carl and Irene smoked the rest of us. They got to the top long before the rest of us and thus got to enjoy the scenery longer.   

They also made it back down to the trailhead first. They're somewhere way ahead of us in this shot. They had to wait for us a lot!

The last snowbank.
It was a fantastic trek/climb. Where to this time next year?
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Our lovely Aussie friend, Kate, gave us a couple of fancy goat collars as parting gifts after the Rendy. As luck would have it, Petunia broke her studded leather collar and lost it just a few days after Kate left, so she got some new bling! 

She's very proud of it! 

Speaking of Aussies, one of the major highlights of the Rendy for Phil was his discovery of a new word. Kate told Phil that in Australia a porta-potty is also called a "thunderbox." Phil got no end of amusement out of this term and "thunderbox" became the celebrated word of the week. Smile
The collar looks very nice on Petunia - she looks quite regal! Glad it has come in handy already Smile
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
I got a REALLY COOL gift in the mail today! 

It's one of Marc Warke's "kid packs"!! Tigerlily thought she'd model it for us today. It fits her perfectly! It will be so much better than the dog pack she's been wearing (and which is really too small for her). 

"I do look wonderful in this pack, don't I?"


It also fits Sputnik (barely). The cinch *just* stretched around his enormous grass belly. This will be the perfect pack to take on little short trips and day hikes. I'm so glad it works for a full-sized goat.  
Super Cool!!!
I just want to add that MY thanks goes out to NAPgA and the many wonderful folks who helped make the 2017 Rendy a success! I could not have done it without my amazing husband, Phil who, with his mega-phone in hand, kept us on track and on schedule and who did an incredible job calling the auction on Saturday night.

I also have to thank Charlie Jennings for bringing the tent and getting it set up, Irene Saphra for running the registration table and setting up the store, Larry Robinson for running the store, and for all the folks who came to speak, including:

Clay Zimmerman
Carolyn Eddy
John Mionczyinski
Dr. Maggie Highland
Marc Warnke
Matt Lyon (Bantam Saddle Tack)
Charlie Hackbarth (Sopris unlimited)
Grant Houston (Lake City Silver World newspaper)
Edna Mason (Retired Lake City BLM and FS officer)
Jim Lovelace, Elijah Waters, and Eric (Gunnison BLM field office rangers)
Russ Smith of SkyCall satellite phones (donated use of the tent for free)
Christian Hartman (donated firewood)
Lake City Area Recreation (let us rent tables on the cheap)

If I'm forgetting anyone... well, I'm sorry. It's a lot of folks to keep track of. ;-)
You know, I'd like to see home-page links for all the vendors that were there.  I saw a lot of nice equipment demonstrated and a lot of nice items in the auction.  I am not entirely sure how to find them if I wanted to.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
John Mionczynski's Wind River packsaddles and panniers are made by Charlie Jennings:

Marc Warnke and Matt Lyons work together and are always coming up with new stuff:

Charlie Hackbarth sells the Sopris packs with non-rigid trees and also makes great halters:

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