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Moderators. Can we sticky this to the top? Maybe we can just keep it rolling and ad to it when we find an ad. We do this on the forum for deals we find on square body rigs around the country. 

Basically, if you find an ad on Craigslist that has something you think we might be interested in. Copy the address and paste a link here. We can reply and discuss, but it keeps the conversation going pretty good on CK5 for us old pickup lovers. Thought it would be a good idea here.
Sure, we'll give it a try!
An oddity for sale on Craigslist in WA state.

Full grown Kiko Goats PETS or PACK GOATS (bottle babies) - $200 (Olympia)
Boise craigslist

Pack Goats! - 3 wethers almost 2 yrs old - $150 (Garden valley)
Those look like some super pack goat prospects. All of them.
Packgoats and saddles on Craigslist in Fallon, NV.
*Saltlick*  Rancho Topaz   
near Topaz Lake, Nevada
Owyhee aluminum saddles & panniers in Portland, OR
Oberhasli yearling in Corvallis, OR on craigslist

Aluminum Saddle no pads or rigging.
Some Sopris saddles in Kennewick, WA

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