Warning: Hogger's Goat Supply cannot be used.
Ordered my usual goat minerals from Hogger's I've been ordering for years. Hogger's charged my credit card $93 immediately in early September. It is now nearly November and they have never shipped the minerals. The phone number on the webpage does not work and they do not respond to emails.
I was initially told the minerals were on back order with no "ETA". Just checked out the Goat Spot is seems they've been taking alot of money from people. Better business bureau reviews are pretty dismal, 71 complaints in 3 years, 68 of them are from this year mostly since September. Most of the complaints sound like mine. Place an order, credit card charged immediately, no product delivered, no response to attempted contact with the business. 
If you were going to start up scam business why would you pick on goat people? Generally speaking we are not a wealthy bunch buying expensive stuff. I think we should unleash bunch of bucks in rut and lock them in the office at Hoggers. 
I do not know if the business is alive or dead but please check some references before you order anything. 
Thanks for the heads up!
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I had a bad experience with them last year myself. They charged me for my full order but then at least half of it was on backorder with no ETA. Their phone number worked back then, though, and I was able to cancel all the backordered stuff and get a refund for it. I'm sorry they made off with your money! Can you call the credit card company and report fraud and get a credit?
Sadly this has been going on with them for a few years now and it just keeps getting worse and worse. I think its more of being overwhelmed then a scam but they are at serious fault. Whatever changed with them, they have done nothing to rectify the situation and indeed are letting it continue to snowball. They should not be used for any reason.
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So where is a good source to buy AC? That is where I have bought it in the past.
I have also had issues with Hoegger, I haven't ordered from them for a couple of years now.
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