5th Annual Hassey "Goat Vacation"
Finn didn't want to jump this obstacle as long as there was a puddle on the landing side. But he didn't hesitate to climb over it. 

Finn and Phil climbed up the "Lyn Lampert Memorial Boulder". Lyn is a friend of ours who still lives in Lake City. We were able to meet up with him and a few other old friends on this trip. 

Photogenic Finn.

Phil and I also practiced having our goats walk along some balance logs. Sputnik wouldn't climb on the high one. It was slick and he much preferred to eat it than walk on it. I notice on water crossings that Sputnik generally prefers to walk through the water than try to cross a narrow log. Finn takes the log bridge every time. 

It's a photo of Finn, but Sputnik and I spent the most time on these narrow balance logs. He's not very good at them and this was a nice place to practice since there's no water underneath. If he slips off he has the confidence to jump back up and try again. By the end of the week Sputnik was quite adept at walking the whole length quickly and without sliding off even when the logs were very slippery with snow.  
I can't believe you guys believe the garbage Nan posts.  The whole thing was staged.



Nan, how could you! You were my idol!
Goatberries Happen!
Well... when you have more time than money...

I don't care. It still needs to be the cover photo of out calendar. It's a knock out picture.
Thanks for the compliments, Nancy! This particular photo is not in the calendar contest. The way Finn was standing right on the edge, and the strangely different lighting between him and the distant background made this photo look as though it were staged against a backdrop like in those old movies. Even though it is a real photo, it looked so fake we decided to use a different one for the calendar contest. I was laughing at this photo's staged appearance last night when my dear husband decided to further enhance the effect and post about the "conspiracy" here. He does love messing around with that photoshop! Anyone remember the "decapitated goat" picture? Smile

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