Broken Tail
I noticed this morning that Vincent Van Goat has a kink in his tail.  He's always had a too-long tail anyhow, and now 1/3 from the base it is broken and the rest flops down to some degree.  I'm not too sure its terribly painful, but he wont let me mess with it.  Its not bent to the side so it actually might be an improvement.  I don't have to look at his butt.  I have no ideas as to what would cause that though.  Perhaps the mini-mule got after him and bit his tail?  I know other goats like to do that but I doubt they have the chomp to break it.  Its not swollen, just bending. 

I think I'm going to leave it alone.  I expect a vet would splint it or something.  Its not the kind of thing I really want to pay 200 bucks to fix though.  What do you guys think?  What sucks is I'm going out of town for the day and I am just on my way out right now.
He should be fine. Just keep an eye on it. My guess is the mule probably got it, or maybe someone stepped on it when he was laying down. Either way there's not much you can do. I don't think a vet would recommend splinting it--it would be too hard to keep a splint in place. I'm sure he'll be fine while you're gone today. If you're worried you could give him some banamine or bute to help with pain, but it's probably not necessary.
Charlie Horse
I agree with Nanno
It should be OK
Have had horses that had broken tails as well as docked tails (Common in Draft Horses)
Unless he develops a open sore (sign of compound fracture) he should be fine.
Then it may be time to dock the tail above the fracture. Probably will not be needed
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More then likely dislocated at one of the joints. Very painful to put back into place. Id suggest at least getting him secured and taking a closer look at it. It might become increasing painful if not splinted. As much as goats love to wage their tails, having a flopping painful tail would, in my mind, be very annoying Smile If possible set and splint it for at least a week. Now I have no idea how one would splint a wagging tail... Medical tape?
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How is the tail now Charlie Horse?
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Floppy. But it feels warm so I think its here to stay.
Hello All
Take the following with a bit of humor.
I have had 2 dislocated shoulders, all the Doc did was grab my arm brace my body and pull and twist a little.
NOT FUN. But it went POP and dropped back were it was supposed to be. A prescription of anti-inflammatory and light duty it was fine.
I wounder if you were to grab that goat by the tail and give it a good jerk it would "reseat" itself.
Then give it a shot of Banimine for inflammation and a little pain killer?
Just a thought. If the tail comes off the goat did not need it. Smile
BTY: I have a goat (Pete) with a "Forked Tail" He came that way.
I looked at it and the end of his tail bone is actually  split and the hair grows from both sides of were it is split.
No problems it is well healed but just funny to see compared the the little candle flame tails on show goats. Smile
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How's Vincent's tail?

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