Greenhorn hike
We took a short hike up the Greenhorn Trail last week and decided to bring Finn and Sputnik. We didn't have anything for them to pack, but they are fat enough that they could sure use the exercise! The boys weigh in at 187 and 177 lbs. respectively. I'm surprised that Finn reads more on the weight tape because Sputnik is taller and looks overall bigger and heavier to me, but I guess Finn has a deeper chest.  

Our work on the "whoa" command came in handy on this hike. Sometimes when I stopped to take photos Finn would sneak past me to follow Phil (he really likes to be next to Phil). I used to have to run up to him, grab his collar, and hold him while I squeezed past. This time I just had to say "Whoa Finn" and he'd stop and wait for me to pass him. It was very cool! 

The boys enjoyed the local flora. I'm not sure what it was about this particular aspen tree, but Finn and Sputnik couldn't decide whether they were more excited about eating it or attacking it with their horns. Then they started attacking each other over it! There are lots of aspens on this trail, so I have no idea why this specific one was so amazing, but that's goats for ya. 

I don't often get good photos of Sputnik. He's not very photogenic in sunlight because all the white washes out, and it's only this summer that he's started wanting to be close to me where I can get good photos. He used to run off if I approached him. 

Sputnik seems wildly flashy, but his roan coat actually blends into a lot of backgrounds. That's another reason he's not always very photogenic--he's camouflaged!  

And now bear with me while I post some supper sappy snapshots of schmoozing with Finn. 

I'm not sure what Sputnik sees up there, but he's pretty intent. Finn doesn't care... he's getting a nose rub and that's all that matters.

My turn to love the goat!



Scratching that itchy spot...

"Am I close enough to the camera?"

"How about now?" 
Great Shots and big horns !!!!
Happy Trails
The Greenhorn Trail recently melted, so Phil and I went for a hike last week. The trail was very wet--not only muddy, but there were places where the creek was actually running down the trail itself and we had to pick some creative paths. There are also a lot of downed trees from all the wind storms we had over the winter. 

Finn's place is in the front of the line.  

But lately Sputnik has been challenging Finn's assumptions! 


Finn tried to cross on the log but it didn't work out so well at first. 

There we go! 

Sputnik says, "It's not that deep, Finn, you sissy!" 

I guess I'm a sissy like Finn. And just like Finn, I also fell off the log and got my feet wet despite all attempts to stay high and dry. 
They are really getting to be big goats! I wish mine would cross water as easily as Sputnik. Something else to work on!
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Well, Sputnik didn't always cross water easily. It's funny, but Finn used to cross water quite well as a youngster but he's a lot more reluctant now. Meanwhile, Sputnik had to be physically dragged through the water when he was young and now he walks right in. I think part of Finn's problem is not so much that he's afraid of water as he loves the challenge of finding some way to avoid it. He's very athletic, so he loves taking difficult paths, leaping impossible spans, balancing on tiny rocks or narrow logs, etc. Sputnik is a lot more cautious and would prefer to get his feet wet on his own terms than run the risk of slipping and falling in.
They're so pretty! Can't wait to get my two new ones out on the trail, they know nothing of hiking and had never been off their property, but goats are smart so I have faith...
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