First Goat Problem
Nanno and All
I have my first problem.
Sam , Black and White
Decided to try and climb out and got his Right hind hoof caught in 2 X 4 wire as he went over the top.
No cuts, just hung up and over extended I think. Less than a few minutes of hang up. 
Front 3/4 on the ground out side and hind leg caught in wire and very extended.
Thank God for my goat Camera system it is always on with the monitor right below my computer screen. Saw strange activity on the shed monitor did a look out the window , YEP, goat 3/4 of the way out leg hung up at top of gate in the 2 X 4 wire. One of those "OH SHIT" moments.
Ran out with wire cutter always on hand. Got the latch open to relieve some pressure , cut the wire trapping him.
Got him out. but he is lame on that back leg, did a external feel check nothing broken or dislocated that I could feel.
He did not want to walk on it but then that is to be expected right after getting out of the tangle.
He needed some time to gather his whits I think. 
He was not going anywhere. Did a quick run back to camp pulled up medical files on goats and anti-inflatories /dose rates. The info came up Banimine IM 1 cc per 100 pounds. I always have Banimine injectable as well as bute on hand. So I loaded  1 cc grabbed a can full of grain and as by this time the other 3 boys were wandering around (Feeding Time) I went out to the high tie and put feed in the pans. The 3 pigs were there right now, then here comes Sam "Hobbling yes" but game to eat. Gave him the best spot on the line lowest point with plenty of slack to lay down see his buds yet not tangle.
While he was eating he got the Banimine in the flank. Never Jumped
All are staying out on high tie tonight , cooler out side than in shed tonight any way
They are all outside my window and under camera. As well as I can hear them through the bedroom window.
Also the neighbors dogs that used to get turned out about 2 AM for free run are gone. They moved.
So I can go to I hope as we get hot weather I can put goats out in the evening / overnight as training.
Back to Sam problem:
Any Ideas ya'll might have are welcome.
Any one ever have a goat get a hind foot caught in a rock crevasse and strained for example and what did you do to treat it.?
At this point I am treating on the base of my equine experience for a bowed tendon or strain.
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops in SC

had this happend on several occasions, although not caught in a crevasse but couth between horns during a fight and wrenched.

Yes, it's basically a severy strain on tendons and ligaments - think knee - maybe also muscles. My favorite remedy for that is something that most likely will not be available in the US. It's called Traumeel and is a mixture of several homoeopathic remedies that all cover traumatic injuries to muscles, tendons and soft tissue.

Give time, anti inflammatories and some pain killer. Would not give too much pain killer to keep him from overusing the injured leg. Expect a few weeks for it to completely heal, especially as the knee ligaments are involved.
Sabine from Germany
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Thanks Sanhestar
That is the best I am hoping for. It also so far coincides with my initial diagnosis as well an my SO that is a Small Animal Tech. It looks like he is up and moving around better this morning. We got to him almost right away due to how close the goat shed  is to the camp and my video monitoring equipment. Once it gets daylight here and still cool I am going to move the high line to a shaded old logging trail were they can browse in the shade for a few days. Yes be under direct control and hopefully vision with my camera system.
I have dealt with similar things in Performance horses a couple times. That is what I was basing my original opinion on. I will keep him on Banimine 1 cc per day IM for the next few days and watch him.
He may not like the cold water therapy I will also try (Standard that I use on horses with leg problems)
Heck I might turn him into a water goat yet. Smile I did find out goats can kick very well when cutting his hoof out of the tangle. Smile
RE: Goat with a leg tangled up in another goats horns or his own?
sounds like there is a story there want to tell?
I have seen 2 buck deer get horn locked fighting over a doe.
But a hind leg tangled with horns? On a goat?
Thanks again for info.
I'll keep ya'll up to date on progress.
All of my guy's are going to get very used to High line and probably get some picket time training to till Sam clears up. It is  to hot and humid here anyway to go walkabout. No free range for a while.
Happy Trails
Hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete, Sam and the Troops in South Carolina.
I see your up and online or at least that is what the system tells me.
I am up in the Chat room.
Bump me if you have time for live chat.??
sorry, had the laptop on but wasn't on my desk. I assume you've left the chat by now. Just ask me here what you want to know.
Sabine from Germany
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I'm sorry to hear about Sam. Banamine was a good choice. You can repeat it for up to three days but it sounds like he shouldn't need it. Sabine is right about painkillers--they can be counterproductive with leg injuries since he might use it more than he should. As long as he's eating well and hobbling around he should heal well in time. Cold hose therapy will probably feel good to him and help him heal faster. Make sure he doesn't lay around too much. A little walking is good for him and will help keep the swelling down. Good luck!
How's Sam doing tonight?
RE: Sam 's Injured Leg
Day Report
The Banamine I gave Sam last night worked good as well as being on the high line with plenty of room to move around.
To Sanhester: I can get the Homeopathic remedy you talked about here.
But with my experience using Banamine in horses and seeing as I have a good supply, I stick Smile with what I know.
Moving On:
This morning knee( what I call hock) just a little puffed up. Taking weight well ,Yes a little stiff but moving good.
Moved the high line up to the old logging road, lots of shade, and brush to much on.
Let everybody off for feed and water while I took high line down and carried all the gear up to the logging road.
Could have used a Pack goat Smile 100 feet of 1 inch tow rope. tree straps, and 25 feet 3 inch web truck tie down strap with ratchet binder for tension.
Yes, had goat company. to check out the new site.
Sam was right with us and the first thing he did was jump up on his hind legs and grab a nice leafy branch and pull it down to much on. No instability when up on just his hind legs. Then climbed a tree trunk for more browse.
I got the high line up, put everybody on.
Then moved the goat camera to a good position to watch the whole length of the high line.
Camera itself is wireless but needs power from camp supply, so had to put in 100 feet of power cord to camera site too.
Bottom Line: Sam is doing better.
Thanks to All of you
Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops in SC
Hello all
RE: Sam's Leg injury.
After 6 days on Banimium (1cc ) every other day and daily application of good old Absorbine Horse Lineament. he is moving better and there is no doubt of his appetite he is his normal PIG self. Smile
it will still be a good while before he is ready for work, but we have the time. To hot here to do much walkabout.
September Maybe. No Packs
Happy Trails
Thanks All
hihobaron Blizard, Fuzzy, Pete , Sam and the Troops in SC
Hello all
Sam is doing well with his hind leg injury.
Off all Meds and trotting around OK still has a little hitch in his giddy up but back to free range as are the rest of the boys
thanks to all of you for the help
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops in South Carolina.

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