Hike in the old wild fires of Southern Idaho
We went to spend a few days in Southern Idaho to see what the fires of the last few years had done to the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. WOW, mother nature at her best. 
Our Alpine we got from Taffy, the Dodger Dude, was impressive. He took to water very well. We were nervous that a partially white goat would attract attention when we were sneaking around archery elk hunting. Several times I turned around and I could not find him a few feet away as his coloring blended into the burnt up landscape better than any of us. Can you find him lying down in the 4th picture?
The Lupine were amazing. The flowery smell was unbelievable. It seem like the 1st plant to return to the ash covered ground. There was grass in the water sheds areas and creeks and Fire-weed with pretty pink flowers. For the most part the land was covered with gray and black burnt timber with a few small smatterings of green trees that survived the fire.
We woke up a bull elk that became curious about the goats.

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Just looks like one of the stumps out there Smile
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Oh the adventures the Dodger Dude is having! This is what he was meant to be doing and I couldn't be happier he's doing it with you two. It's amazing how Mother Nature recovers. Were you on an exploration trip for future hunting?
Goatberries Happen!
Mother Nature is amazing ,Whoever says man is killing off Mother Nature is full of Goat Berries.
She will find a way to rehab almost anything man can do.
As to your "diapering" goat Dodger/Dude.
I have one here too, (Pete)In the shadowed woods here, you can not see him till he moves.
Good thing I have(Sam) Black and White I can see him in the brush and then maybe locate Pete.
Happy Trails
Great Pictures
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops in SC
Those are awesome pictures! Burnt-out forests are hauntingly beautiful. I love the lupine that has taken over. Thanks so much for sharing!

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