Fractured Shoulder
Atticus has a suspected hairline fracture of his shoulder.  We didn't see it happen, but came home last night to find him on three legs.  We think the second ranked goat who has been challenging him a lot lately may have caught him off guard.  That goat is a big solid animal with some real strength behind his horns.  The vet thinks that with confinement for 2-3 weeks and pain relief there is a good chance it will heal.  He's on meloxicam for pain relief/as an anti-inflammatory.  No x-ray was done because we would have had to knock him out to do it and whether fractured or not the vet felt the treatment would need to be the same.  A goat breeder I know has recommended the use of comfrey orally and also administered by poultice.  It is apparently very good in aiding the healing of fractures.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  He can weight bear but only just.  There may be a bit of nerve damage.

Atticus is eating in his stall and can see his friends.  But he is frustrated he can't join them (or reign over them as the herd boss) and I'm worried he will drop his bundle pyschologically.  I am trying to remain positive and not let him know I am worried because in my experience goats feed off your attitude when they are unwell.  His eyes are bright and he is enjoying his treats but this is going to be a very long 3 weeks Sad
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Hello DUG
Sorry to hear about Atticus Injury.
Also a little bit of a coincidence, My goat Sam ( The Black and White one) came in 3 legged lame at noon here.
Left Front, he went out to browse normal this morning.
Pete and him went one way into the brush Blizzard and Fuzzy went out in a different direction. so no herd fights.
I have looked him over,checked bones, he can stand on it, but is shy to use it in motion.
Kind of let's it hang when relaxing.
My feeling is he got tangled up in the brush and pulled a muscle or tendon. Dosed him down with Absorbine Horse Liniment (Same thing I am using on my left knee BTY) and tied everybody up for the afternoon.
Hmmmm You think it could be Sympathy pain because of my game knee??  Smile
They will get put up together in the Red Neck Goat Shed together.
RE: Something to think about for Atticus.
You have vet warp down there?
I would be temped to wrap his chest like with a breast strap on a pack and around his girth area as compression bandage like when they wrap you when you brake some ribs. (Been There Done that Sad !!!!
He is a wether right?
BTY: I had a nice Arab that separated a shoulder and did not recover. We nursed him with everything we could use.
Even Hauled for x-ray in a van with a lift gate and put a suspension system on him so he did not have to support his weight on the bad shoulder.  Sad
Have worked with equine  orthopedic vets as the maker of splints, wedges etc.
Once he gets better put some Glucosamine in his feed for a while.
It promotes joint health. We used it in horses all the time that were under stress of hard work.
Happy Trails
Good Luck
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina
Just missed you I'll be back in 20 minutes goats willing Smile
yes, comfrey is a very good remedy for breaks. It will promote the healing and you can use it internally and externally.
Sabine from Germany
[Image: zoVgi.gif]

Poor Atticus! I don't have any experience with fractured bones I'm afraid, but as far as him being lonely, is there a goat you could put with him for company? One that won't try to boss him but that he also won't feel compelled to try to beat up?
Thanks for your thoughts everyone. The vet doesn't want anyone else in with him for both their sakes Smile We've worked most of the afternoon fixing up his enclosure to make it more weather proof and now it's toasty warm instead of just passable as a winter shelter. Trust Atticus to do this in the middle of the foulest winter weather we've had for years! He's ruminating and enjoying the fresh browse delivered twice a day along with the plain grass hay available to him 24/7. He's very quiet so not sure if this is depression or if he's on cloud 9 from the meloxicam, time will tell I guess. Most of the other goats aren't straying far so he can see them. I might drench him with probiotic yoghurt and slippery elm over the next few days, am hoping that might smooth out any gut issues which can arise in situations like these. The other risk is UC - in my experience confined goats don't drink very well but it's winter here so I'm not expecting him to drink loads anyhow. I'm giving him apple cider vinegar and salt as a diuretic and to create a bit of thirst on the vet's advice and if necessary I'll drizzle water into his mouth if I think he's not getting enough. Comfrey will be given in a few days, both orally and as a poultice.
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Is Atticus doing better??
Question for you??
How much "meloxicam" did your vet give him?? IV,IM or subQ?
I have tablet form here that are 5mg for me. Don't use it often but after 38+ years of getting banged around by live stock there are nights I will take a couple before bed time. Yes it dose "Zone" me out out for the night. Smile
Also hard to get started in the AM. Reason I don't like to use it to often.
Get Well soon Atticus
Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops in South Carolina
Hi HHB, I didn't see the size of the first dose of Meloxicam that Atticus received but I need to pick up another shot of it from the vet's tomorrow so will let you know then. He can't be on it for very long due to the side effects. One shot apparently lasts 3 days; he got it subcut.
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He's doing OK I think (thanks for asking!) but still not keen to weight-bear much. I've decided that the rubbish weather is probably a blessing in disguise because he'd be reclining with a cigar in his shed anyway, with all this rain. I hope Sam's leg is much better after a bit of rest?
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Hello GAL
RE: Artticus
I normally have dry Bute as well as Injectable for the horses.
If you would???? Ask your vet for me if Bute can be used in goats and the dose rate.
I called my vet here Horse Vet here HIS RESPONSE " Goat, that's one of those smelly little things with horns, right? )
I have also had "not" good conversations about the effectiveness of using DE as a parasite control agent.
Sam was feeling good enough yesterday morning to chase and fuss with Blizzard and Fuzzy at feeding time.
Still a "little off" but he can still move fast enough to get to the feed pan when they hear the feed bucket rattle at a run.
You must have sent your Dry Weather up here we are 4" behind in rainfall for the end of June here. Sad
Good Luck

Happy Trails
Make Sure Artticus has His Smoking Jacket on while having that Cigar. Smile
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete,Sam and the Troops in South Carolina.

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