Harness Goat Handout
I'm made a handout for the harness goat class I'm teaching at the WCGE this weekend. I'd appreciate if y'all could look it over and see if there are any glaring mistakes, omissions, or unnecessary details. There are so many unfamiliar terms with driving, and so many parts to mix up that I want to make sure people have info to take home with them. I tried to cover the most important and confusing harness parts, and I also tried to cover the most commonly asked questions I see. I also addressed the most common problem areas I see in people's hitches (downhill shafts, pulling by the saddle, no saddle pad on 2-wheeled carts, no whiffletree, etc.). If I missed any common problems let me know! I have over an hour to talk about all these things, so terms like "thimbles" will be briefly explained.   

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Hello Nanno
RE:Goat Driving Harness presentation picture.
Looks Good from my horse/pony driving back ground.
I was going to mention Shaft cap connection to Brittcen but you covered that at the end.
You are right on the single tree pivot point to allow shoulder moment with out galling the goat.
I have seen many pony carts were the tug's just hook to the back end of the shafts.
Balance in a two wheel cart is "Critical" Saddle pads good,breast collar pad good, "Driving Halter"  Interesting.
Looks Good.
Want to come to Prepper Camp here in September and do a Presentation? Smile I have a Goat Packing one to do.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Glad it looks good to you. The more I see goat harnesses and hitches, the more I'm convinced that goat people need driving lessons! Too many people are driving without whiffletrees or even traces because they have the shafts hooked to the saddle with snaps. Often the "saddle" is nothing more than a 1-inch wide nylon strap with no pad under it. You might get away with that for pulling a small wagon full of candy or flowers in a short parade, but not for pulling kids or lemonade barrels, and certainly not for pulling a 2-wheeled cart. Goats don't protest violently like horses, but they do get balky and may even lay down if they're uncomfortable. It's easy to blame the goat for being lazy and stubborn instead of looking at the equipment.
I'm with you, Nanno. The more I see goats in harness the more I think goat people need lessons on harness fitting and how to properly hitch the goat to the wagon. Ill fitting harnesses and carts/wagons with shafts that are too long, not set at the correct angle, etc. Folks who are going to drive their goats need to read the information for driving horses and fitting harness! It's not fair to the goats!!!!
Goatberries Happen!
Hello Nanno and Taffy
The Book that is up for the drawing this month "Extraordinary Goats"
Has several "Vintage" of properly turned out goat "Carriage" pictures actual old period photos. Team and Singles.
As well as Goats hooked to different things "ART" work.
The art work is accurate as to basic hook up.
There are even original pictures of GOAT CART on the White House Grounds circa early 1900's
Elect me to President and I will bring goat sense back to the White House as well as Goats and few horses to patrol the grounds. Secret Service needs some Horse Sense "KICKED" into their heads.
It mentions driving goats but in not a how to do it book.
What it is though is a great well put together collection of the history of the goat.
With classic pictures both new and old. It dose mention Goat Packing too with references.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam approve this message
Hi Nanno, I think this is an excellent handout. I have been ground driving Koby for a few months now and he is almost ready to be hooked into the cart. I would have liked to have had this level of detail about the functions of all the harness components available to me back then - it would have increased my understanding no end! The hours I have spent fiddling about, fitting the harness to my rocking horse (!), not knowing which bit goes where, were quite frustrating. I know there is information of this nature available for driving horses, but goat specific articles are hard to find. Well done Smile
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
DownUnder Gal
Hello DUG
Both I and Nanno are Driving horse people.
My self working logging draft horses as well and Caravaning and Carriage service, Mounted Police work ,etc.
Nanno ran her own Carriage service. There is a difference in driving goats than horses. We all are RE-Learning !!!!!
Driving Goats aside from Historical Reference has died out, very little info on modern references.
Maybe we can fix that and bring thinks up to date.Smile
Your interest can help down under.
It was very common in England that children were taught to drive a goat "Before" they were allowed on a horse to ride or drive a cart horse. Pre-1900 era.
You see the pictures of my new boy??????
I think he is going to be a big one and has horns. Oh well the rice was right.
I'm glad it was helpful to you, DownUnder Gal! Harnesses are tricky things. I'm still having to work out a few things with my pairs hitch. I've had things that had to be sent back, redone, modified, etc. and I'm still not 100% happy with it. I'm tempted to buy a heavy duty sewing machine so I can make harnesses myself the way I want them made!

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