Ram shield?
I remember a little while ago some talk of a ram shield. I wanted to know if it was ever tried and if it was effective. I would like to gets kid to start training so when my current pack goat gets to old I'll have another ready. The Only problem is that she is quite aggressive especially to smaller goats she is really only good with big Nubians like herself. So I was thinking this may help her get used to the new goat and not hurt it.  Thanks!
That was me. I was considering a ram shield for my aggressive doe, Lilly, But we ended up culling her so I never needed it. I couldn't find a ram shield small enough so I bought a dog fly mask from Doggles.com. I can't remember if I ordered the large or x-large, but it fit Lilly perfectly. I was planning to sew a piece of felt across the face that would stick out to either side and block her front vision but Lilly left before I got a chance to do it. I should think something like that would work really well. 

You could also try tethering your aggressive goat in the pen for a while. This worked for me last year at a show when Nubbin absolutely refused to share her pen with cowardly little Jezebel. I only had to tether Nubbin for the first day before she got the point and quit being so mean. It made Nubbin really mad to have to watch Jezebel eat right in front of her and not be able to steal it, but it also humbled her quite a bit.
That's a good tip thanks! She's always been a meany so maybe this'll teach her she can't bully everyone!

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