First Hike
Took our first hike with Tansy. She is 4 1/2 months old. She did great! We are already planning our next hike!

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Hello Sunnygoatgal
Nice little looking goat Nubian X ?
Bring them up right and you end up with a good Pack Goat and this.
Enjoy Pete and Sam pictures when they are on "Down Time" around the fire after a hard day.

.jpg   Camp fire goats 1.jpg (Size: 60.31 KB / Downloads: 105)

Resting after a walkabout

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After dark with a Shepard LGD on watch and Pete commenting "You have your gun Right?" Smile

Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
She's full Nubian...We plan on lots of hiking with her.Planning a hike next weekend. She did so good today! We are so proud of her! Loved the Pete and Sam pics!
She's lovely! We took our almost-yearling doe, Tigerlily, hiking with us today too. We were just going to take the boys but we couldn't keep Tigerlily out of the truck while we were loading, so she got to come too. 

Where do y'all usually hike? We should get together!
We hiked near Beulah, Beautiful hike! We got a couple double takes and a "that's a goat"!? 
We'd love to do a hike with you guys! We had a lot of fun yesterday and our now hooked and planning to hike as much as we can!

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We're hoping to do some hiking around Beulah ourselves this year! Let us know if you go again, and we'll let you know if we go. Were you in the Mountain Park?
Yep, We were in the mountain park...Such a beautiful area!
Hello All
I got the same reaction" Your walking Goat's" !!!!!
Have ran into that on all of our "Walkabouts" with Pete and Sam Smile Three so far.
Note: I am dealing with "City Folk" here on the East Coast.
Any animal on the trail that is not a DOG gets a "Reaction"
Pete and Sam are very person oriented goats maybe to much so??
They like everybody that will give them a good pat and scratch
City dog's encountered is good for my boy's and the dogs don't know what "THAT CRITTER" on the trail is. Smile
Of course I also carry my form of dog repellent it works on people too.
I am trying to spread the the Advantages of Pack Goats to this area as best I ,Pete and Sam can.
Pete and Sam are being good trail Ambassadors. Smile
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

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Tansy is such a darling!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
(04-07-2016, 12:10 PM)DownUnder Gal Wrote: Tansy is such a darling!

Thank you DownUnder Gal...We've only had her a month and she has stole our hearts! She's  such a sweetheart!

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