I just noticed the Sound Defense K-9 warning devices are on sale.
Goatberries Happen!
Hello All
A question for ya'll.
I have used electric fence for years on horses and cows.
So I know very well how it works.
I want to put some Horse Guard Bi-Polar up to let the goats browse in some "Ruff" but relatively clear ground here in South Carolina. It is a "Extremely HOT " 1 1/2 inch wide heavy duty tape. Horse Guard ,Bi-Polar is the company.
They also get the shock right off the direct output of my fencer 7000 volts and good for 50 miles of fence.
It works good on sheep too. So far I don't have any fence jumpers. Smile NO GROUND ROD needed
I know there is electric netting out there but now with 2 horned goats here (Blizzard and Fuzzy) and comments I have seen about it. (WEB fence) I want to try and use the Bi-Polar that I already have.
Plus this has to be a movable fence.
How Many Strands and what spacing do you think would be good for Goat containment?
The area is about 150 foot Square. It is under full time observation. 4 goats.
Right outside my window and I can put a camera on it.
I have one goat tote now and can get another. Pete and Sam seem to like sleeping next to each other.
Blizzard and Fuzzy do the same thing, but separate from Pete and Sam, so I am thinking I'll just get another tote for housing in that area that I can move around as needed and use for Expeditions when I am ready to take all 4 boy's at the same time but in two separate Goat Totes.

I have used the Bi-polar for horses and they get one shock off it and they stay away !!!!! from fence.

All Opinions/Experiences welcome

Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
Probably at least three strands. More if you ever intend to leave them in it unattended. Goats are very good at escaping electric fences without touching if there is too much space under or between strands, or if it's too low. Since yours is very hot you can probably do only three, but keep in mind that goats do not ground as well as horses or dogs, and some have a very high pain tolerance. Since yours are all wethers you should have less trouble than someone like me who has babies to wean, or does and bucks to keep separate at times.

RE: I figured Goats would be a bad ground Smile Sheep are too, with all that wool.
The bi-polar ribbon from Horse Guard that I have used for several years in dry sandy climates were you can not depend on ground conduction hooks both the ground and the hot side of the fencer to a strong ribbon 1.5 inches wide.
The result is the animal get a hot shock right off the fence charger.
Bi-Polar web was originally designed to keep sheep in.
Weight wise/thickness wise it is easily twice as thick as the web tape from Bayguard/ Zerbra/Tractor Supply.
Goats Tolerance of Pain:
I had an Example of that Last September when we Surgicaly Castrated Sam at Prepper Camp, Put him in the milking stock, cleaned the site well,made {2}incisions one on either side of the scrotum pulled the nut out crimped cord cleaned him up gave him CDT booster and some LD200 turned him loose.
After all the above not even a bleat out of him. He did not even walk bow legged. Smile
Good thing all 4 have adapted to my free range methods, generally stick close to camp.
If they get out they will  not go far.
But I think it is time to teach them all about electric fence with what I have around that I know makes very hot fence.

I will keep ya'll posted on how things go, Maybe this little research project will help some of you other people.

Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops here in South Carolina
Hello All
RE: Equipment for on the trail.
I like to Listen to Audio Books have them on both my cell Phone and a MP-3 Player
Problems: On cell phone it dose not have much volume even when turned up high.
It sucks my phone battery down that I prefer to keep at as high a charge as possible when trailing in case I have to make a CALL OUT FOR HELP.
 BTY: When I am working animals I do not answer my cell phone. !!!! Distraction
MY MP-3 Player has more files on it for books 8 Gig worth but no Small amplified speaker system.
I found a system at Wal-Mart that was on "Close Out"  $50 marked down to $5.
About the size of a IPod , and is a side zip padded case, designed to put  MP-3 or phone inside for protection.
Has its own built in audio cord (Internal) runs on (3) AAA batteries
Has External Power Switch for the Amplifier plus Volume up and down buttons.
You still have to open the case up to  get at the phone or MP-3 Player controls.
Even comes with a Carbiner Clip to hang it off your belt or pocket or Pack saddle.
Has a good Volume output at max setting and good tone quality.
You could probably hear it over the sound of the road when you were driving your goats.
Nanno: You could have Phil Record some Fiddle Music to play back for Cuzco on a M-P3 Player. Smile
Be good on the trail too keep Cuzco on behind Phil too.


Note: I do not use ear buds they bug my ears. Plus I can hear even with a book on the sounds around me when on the trail.
For hunting that is a different story, Just let the goats make their own noise.
BUT for in camp at night a good audio book, or good music to listen to is always nice. ( No Commercials) Smile
Also the sound of it running a book or music could keep wild animals at bay.
Also my boy's will always come in and settle down around camp when they hear me put a audio book on or have Prepper Radio Station on. Yes the are "Committed " Trump Goats.
So far I have just used it around BC-1 today for about 6 hours, I would expect the battery life to be good.
You can rest assured I will be giving it a good testing out here before our next "Expedition"  and report on it.

BTY: For that Price I bought (2) so I have  "Spare" 

Happy Trails

hihobaron and the audio book/radio listing goats,Blizzard, Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
Hello All
Now that I have a little more experience under my belt so to speak when going Walkabout with the boy's
Here is a picture of my Trail Pouch and contents list, Everything has a place.
#1 Cell Phone
#2 Gerber Tool
#3 Good Folding Knife
#4 9mm Compact Pistol
#5 Fire Starter
#6 Compass and know how to take a bearing with it (Not seen in picture)
#7 There is a slot for your ID/Park pass or in my case CWP permit.
#8 Goat treats in the plastic bag.
#9 There is a water resistant pocket were I keep my cell phone.
#10 I can wear it on my belt(Slip on/Clip on) or with a should strap/belt that comes with it.
#11 On other hip is Air-soft Pistol. Dog Repellent.
#12 In Brush Jacket Leashes, Compact First Aid Kit, (2) beverage containers and a survival tent. 
I don't have them made yet but each goat when on the trail will carry a Parcord extra collar.
I still have (2) Chest Pockets left in the Brush Jacket for more stuff Smile

 Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam

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Hello All
I AM  making the decision to leave all four boys on the tie line over night.
Call it trail training . See what they do., They all had a good daytime browse in the wood hit the water bucket good and had their pellets before they got put on the hi line over night for the first time.
I am only 25 feet away with a window open to hear them if there is trouble.
Light and gun are handy and checked/loaded.
Wake me up sudden after dark and likely you will be looking down the wrong end of a 45 or 12 gage.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy, Pete , Sam and the troops in SC

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