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Hello Everyone,

It appears from my research my two wethers have lice.  Now I am new to goats so I have searched high and low for the best information on how to care for them.

I ultimately decided to inject them both with Ivomec Ivermectin at a dose of 2cc per 100lbs.  I did read that Ivermectin injected is not the preferred way for worms, but I have had their feces checked by a vet and they were very, very low on any worm count.  I did however read that using Ivermectin injected will better address the external parasites.  Though, it has been now 6 days and they are still showing live lice (crawling, moving).  Many are dead also.  This specific source said they re-treat every 10 days for 3 treatments, but now I am second guessing my approach.

I have also read that using Sevin Dust works well as well as Diatomaceous Earth.  My main concern with the Sevin Dust is that I really like petting, combing, and as "The Pack Goat" says Knoodling with them and do not want Sevin Dust on me, my family, pack saddle, or panniers.

Also, I have attached a picture of the little bugs in the hair I am talking about.  They are tiny and yellowish.

Does anyone have any input on this subject?

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Yikes! I don't have experience with lice, but I do sometimes use dog flea/tick collars on my goats during the summer to repel ticks. I never have trouble with little bloodsuckers in the goats' hair when they are wearing the collars. It's cheap so you might give it a try and see if they work on lice as well as they work on ticks. The nice thing about flea/tick collars is that you're not putting chemicals all over their bodies that you then get all over your hands. Just tell your kids not to fool with the collars when petting the goats. As an experiment you could even put a collar on just one goat and compare.

I have no idea about diatomaceous earth. Some people swear by it, but several studies seem to indicate that it does nothing to parasites. That would be another experiment you could try. Whatever you try, please let us know the results, good or bad!
I had a goat that was very very sick get lice, probably from birds in the area. Normally the immune system would kill bird lice so obviously she was having trouble with immunity.

I used ivermectin injection on her and it killed the lice. I'd keep going with that. It'll work.
Lice are super common on goats. We like Python Dust. If you cant get it locally, you can buy it online. Just do a search for it. Wear a simple white face mask. Its not terribly toxic but the slightest sniff of it always makes my nose run for a good 15 minutes. Smile Great stuff. If possible clean their bed area and dust with this as well. Will help to stop them from coming back.
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Hello All
I have dealt with mange mites in horses used Cow lice and mite dust on them. Clorhexadien base I think.
I would think same thing would work on lice in goats.
The problem with lice is they lay eggs in the hair that "Hatch" 7-10 days later.
That is why you "Should" keep the treatment up for 10 days or so.
Ivermectian kills anything that sucks blood internal or external.
Getting your goat to stand for repeated injections is the trick.
Try some of the Lice OVC preparations that they sell for kids (human) lice .
They come with a comb and school kids get lice all the time.
Another product is "Frountline" for dogs it gets lice,ticks and fleas for about a month. use 2X large dog dose.
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We never did more then one treatment. The dust stays on them long enough not to need it. But could see the good another dusting would do in say 5 days.
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We are having a bad lice year here due to a wet and warm winter. Ultra Boss works great and is labeled for goats.
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(03-25-2016, 04:49 PM)hihobaron Wrote: Ivermectian kills anything that sucks blood internal or external.
Getting your goat to stand for repeated injections is the trick.

for those here who haven't injected ivermectin: the injection is rather painful.

All other avermectins (doramectin - dectomax, avermectin, moxidectin - cydectin pour on) will also work against lice and are less painfull when injected. You could also consider using the pour-on versions.
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[Image: zoVgi.gif]

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  I have not re-treated as of yet with the Ivermectin.  I think I am going to try the dusts on them and their new bedding and see what happens. 

I guess I could always wash them after the pour-on or dusts have done their job, but have a feeling that may be just as hard keeping them stand still as giving an injection.

As of today, there is still a lot of flaky skin on the hair when I brush or rub them though I have not been able to spot many lice.
(03-26-2016, 09:22 PM)Taffy Wrote: We are having a bad lice year here due to a wet and warm winter.  Ultra Boss works great and is labeled for goats.

Do you find that you re-apply this or is one application all that typically needed?  Do you treat their shelter or bedding with anything to fully rid them of the lice?

Thanks for replying.

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