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Hello Nanno and All
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A Ham Radio person I chat with on MSP mentioned a Ham that uses his goats to pack into the mountains and set up a 
SOTA station for Long distance Communications.

He has posted several You Tube videos of the camps and some very good goat video.
He is out your way.
I'll let you decide if you want to post links here to the videos.
Use the Search Term GOATA SOTA will find them.
The couple I watched are good and "Titled" with "Goat" Moments and comments.(Goat)
Happy Trails
Yeah, Steve lives up near Monument (about 1 1/2 hours from me). I've not met him before but I was trying to get ahold of him recently and couldn't. He made an account here back in August. I was hoping to get him and a few other goat packing folks in this area together for a working goat clinic sometime this spring or summer, but so far no luck.

This is him: http://www.packgoatcentral.com/forums/sh...p?tid=1121
Hello Nanno
Is it not amazing how different areas of interest can connect with goats? Smile
From very different areas Prepping,Hunting,Hiking,Camping,and Ham Radio even Wild Life Research were Pack goats got their start here in the USA.
Most people only look at goats as milk meat and fiber.
I hope to expand the way goats are though of here in my area this summer.
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the South Carolina Goat Brigade. Pete and Sam

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