Goat Packing the Appalachian Trail
Oh man... that is hilarious! It reminds me of an incident I had during my carriage company days when we had one of those Ride the Rockies things where thousands of cyclists come pouring over our narrow mountain roads and inundate our little mountain towns. It's good for business but not good for anyone who has to use the road. Like you said, they DO take up the entire highway, riding several abreast even around corners. I almost had a heart attack as I was trailering my horses into town because I came around a blind curve and almost plastered three of them spread out across the road. There are absolutely NO shoulders on most of those roads, so it's difficult enough to avoid just one bike. I hit my brakes as hard as I dared and hoped not to run over anyone. Even if it was their own stupid fault, I'd feel terrible plowing over anybody with my rig. Legally they do have the right-of-way, but there's such a thing as common sense! I hit the horn harder than the brakes and they just gave me an annoyed look as if it were my fault. Sorry guys, but a 3/4 ton truck hauling a stock trailer with two horses isn't going to stop on a dime even if you do have the "legal" right-of-way. If you wanna tell the coroner about your rights, go ahead!

So later that day as I was conducting a tour, we came to a stop sign where we had to cross the main highway. Usually this is not a big deal since it's not a busy highway, but on Ride the Rockies day it was a nightmare. Sure, I had the stop sign, and sure they had the right-of-way, but it was wheel-to-wheel bikes and I needed a break. My horses were getting antsy after waiting for ages, and when I finally saw a small hole in the pack we made a jump for it. Boy did I get some dirty looks! No one crashed into me, but some bikes actually had to slow down! The horror of it! It's a stark contrast to the similar incidents I had with classic car tours and the Colorado 500 dirt bike tour. Both of those groups were courteous enough to cede the right-of-way and let me cross so I wouldn't have to wait for their entire parade to pass by. Dirt bikers and ATV riders often get a bad rap, but I've had almost nothing but positive experiences with both groups, especially when I have horses or goats. I wish I could say the same for cyclists (and motor home drivers for that matter)!
Hello Nanno
RE: Mountain Bikers and Pack Goats.
I could be mistaken but is normal Trail courtesy that Saddle/Pack/Animals/'Hikers have trail right of way over Mountain bikes etc?
Or do I have that backward?
When I did the site survey last week , wet cold and wet roads there were 6 Mountain Bikers coming uphill to the trail head that I would use to get back to the North Lake Primitive camp area. Riding through on the trails would be would be OK, But I have seen some fancy bike pack systems to carry camp gear or even bike trailers if the terrain is not to rough. They could make it into the Primitive camps (Only 5) before I could get in there with pack goats.
I think the camps there are first come first served. I'll have to check the Park rules to be sure.
Oh well, I have time to work on that problem, with my stock schedule here I will probably do morning chores during the week, load the boy drive over for a midday walk about a few times Before I try a camp run.
Get the Rangers used to seeing goats in the park. Smile
I am sure because of Park location to Greenville SC that weekends the place is full of "City Folk".
Question for you? when you are on a Extended pack trip what type of water treatment system do you use?
Goats are fine drinking stream water I know.
I also know that for your usage you can not pack water for the whole trip because of weight.
Call this pre-season planning because I am Iced in here in SC. Sad
BTY: If you hear of a good used pack set up for sale let me know.
I like what I see from Butt Head Pack Goats. What do you think?
Happy Trails
Keep Warm
"I could be mistaken but is normal Trail courtesy that Saddle/Pack/Animals/'Hikers have trail right of way over Mountain bikes etc?"

You're not mistaken. As far as I know, horses/pack animals always have the right-of-way. Then it's hikers, then wheeled transportation after that. I believe that's standard all over the country.

Phil and I are more day hikers than extended backpackers, but on the occasions when we have gone out for longer periods, we've usually had someone along with a water filter. We also carry water bottles with built-in filters. I've used the iodine and chlorine treatment methods back in high school, but those make the water taste NASTY!
Hello Nanno
Thanks for confirming my "Hazy" memory of Trail Edicate. It has been years since I did any serious trail work.
I do suspect most of the City Folk on Mountain bikes will have NO idea of trail manners and have their earphones in with "distracting" music on or talking on their cell phones.
Back Packers might have an idea of trail manners. When weather warms and drys out I'll have to start walking the boy's on the trail back to North Lake BTY: It is still a Man Made Drinking Water Reservoir for Greenville water system.
NO Swimming but you can fish,Ducks and Geese do you know what in it.
I expect people using the Primitive sites there either pack in water or use water filters for drinking /cooking water.
Take the water out of the lake and run it through their filter systems.
Or they pack in bottled water.
It will be interesting to see how much trash is around those sites.
Going in with Empty packs and packing out trash for the Park Service and making sure they know it will be good for Browne Points. Smile
From what I see on Park maps a round trip to North lake and to the trail head were I will park is 5-8 miles.
I do have some of the filter bottles myself.
Maybe I'll start a thread "Using Pack Goats around City Folks" Smile
Happy Trails

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