Sledding with the Boys
Oh how funny! It's a good thing goats are patient with us. It's also nice that they aren't horses! This is the kind of thing that causes major wrecks and injuries if you're working with a horse. Isn't it great how every piece of harness serves its function, and if it's not there it can ruin the whole picture. I made similar mistakes myself until I started a horse carriage business. That really sobered me down and made me learn everything I could about my harnesses. You can't afford accidents when you're controlling 2000 lbs. of muscle. When you're holding those reins you're literally holding other people's lives in your hands. Goats are so much less stressful!
You said it.  Thats exactly why I got goats and not mules, horse or donkeys.  It was nice to be able to self diagnose, fix thet problem and have the harness work correctly as designed.

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