Elk hunting / Goat video
I'm glad you mentioned about not leaving your goats alone in camp. An electric fence is great for containing your goats and keeping out predators when you're in camp with them, but no fence should be 100% trusted to work alone in the wilderness. I'd be as worried about people messing with my goats as predators. Not everyone has the good sense to leave other people's animals alone.

For those who don't want to hunt with goats tagging along, I've heard of some folks taking a family member or friend along who enjoys the camping trip but not so much the hunting. That person can read and fish and hike while watching the goats for the hunters.
There are some funny people out there for sure. Some have mentioned how delicious my goats might be. Last year a herd of open range Montana cattle saw a rubber bucket in my portable electric fence corral. They stomped the fence down, walked on the bucket and put cow goobers on my goat's salt block. Not sure if the goats would have held them back from that bucket but I don't take those kind of chances anyway.

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